Our little mango

19 weeks today. Baby is the size of a large mango.

I went to see my midwife, and everything is looking good. All the tests came back perfect, and the heartbeat is strong and fast. I wish I could just see the baby sooner!
I took these pictures today…

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Here’s a picture Manny just took- 18 weeks. There are 150 days left till my due date :)

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See You in December

When I’m not working I will officially be at home, reading for my classes, from now to the beginning of December. I didn’t realize that grad school was so much more reading intensive than undergrad- for just one of my two classes I have 2-3 books to read each week, plus journal articles and chapters from the textbook, and most weeks I also have some sort of written assignment. And then there’s still my other class. And I’m planning on doing this with a baby at home! :)

In other news, baby is still moving all the time and is apparently the size of a sweet potato.

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Whoa, baby!

I feel the baby kicking all the time now- it is so cool. At first it was maybe a couple times a day, now it’s anytime I eat, or when I’m hungry or I lean forward, etc. I love it- I’m pretty sure I get this big goofy smile on my face every time :)
Eighteen weeks tomorrow, and my next appointment is a week from then. I’ll have Manny take another picture of my belly sometime this week.

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The Best Year Ever!

On the first we celebrated our one year anniversary. We ate (and are still working on) the top tier of our wedding cake, which had been in our freezer for the last year. When it thawed it kind of melted a little, but it is still very yummy!
We agreed- this has been a really amazing year. We are looking forward to many, many more years together. I know it is only going to keep getting better.

For now I am just writing here: http://hannahmayo.blogspot.com/
It is our official “baby blog”, and I’m putting family updates there too. I’m not sure if I’ll write in this again eventually or not, but take a look at the other- we’ve been taking pictures of my growing belly and other fun stuff!

(Imported from my previous blog, Everything is Better Together.)
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17 Weeks

I have started to feel the tiniest little movements from the baby- it is really amazing. I always feel it when I’m sitting or laying very still.
I bought a pair of maternity jeans at Target a few days ago, and I’m wearing a lot of borrowed items as well- my regular pants just won’t do anymore.
Apparently now the baby is the size of a large onion- kind of like a Vidalia onion I guess.

Yesterday I suddenly felt an urge to re-organize our bedroom closet so there would be room for the baby’s things- nesting instinct is kicking in!

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New Picture!

16 weeks pregnant :) Actually this shirt sort of hides it more than others.
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Four months!

I’m sixteen weeks now, and I read this morning that the baby’s ears have developed enough to hear my voice, and soon other voices and music. Apparently after birth they will recognize tunes of songs I played a lot while pregnant.
I’ve gotten several comments on actually looking pregnant recently, so I’ll post a new belly picture here soon.
Yesterday was our 1st wedding anniversary, and we had a really nice dinner together. It’s hard to believe it has been a whole year! It’s been such an amazing year too… and we’re looking forward to many more even better ones. :)

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Nursery Idea Pictures

I’ve been browsing baby things today… we can’t do a nursery until later because we live in a one bedroom for now, but I love looking at bedding and stuff like that.

From Land of Nod- it comes in pink too but I like this.

I like the fabric and colors in these quilts. From Etsy.

I really like the idea of hanging paper lanterns. I found these at World Market.

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13 weeks- August 12th
About 12 weeks- a little earlier in August
It is good to be in the second trimester. The risk of miscarriage goes way down after the 12th week, and that’s a relief. I am now 15 weeks pregnant- the books say the baby is the size of a large naval orange. They use a lot of fruit analogies in those books.
I have heard the baby’s heartbeat twice now at midwife appointments. Yes, we have a midwife rather than an obstetrician and we’re planning a home birth, which I’m really excited about. We watched this documentary called The Business of Being Born, and it was really eye-opening as to the state of maternity care in the United States.
I have been feeling a little better- less tired, though still nauseous sometimes. I’ve had a couple very bad headaches, one that lasted for ten days, which is hard because I cannot take any medicine for it. I did get acupuncture though, and I think it helped.
We’re finding out the baby’s gender sometime in October, and I’m totally looking forward to it. Manny is about to finally start his new job, and I started online grad school classes on Monday. So life is busy, but we’re happy and excited about the future.
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