18 weeks {a letter}

Last week, we sat by the ocean with our coffee and chai. People watching, wave watching. Talking about the memories we love and the future we look forward to. Together. We talked about how amazed we both are by our son. We felt kicks from the little one still inside. We grabbed my camera and, as we’ve done so many times before at concerts and on trips and just because, turned it on ourselves and I snapped away. He made goofy faces. We laughed. We wondered to each other why we sometimes forget how much we need this- this time alone, just us. It reminds us how in love we are, which we can lose sight of sometimes in the midst of everyday chaos. Yet that is really what holds us together, in that chaos. That we are still the two kids who fell for each other five years ago, that no matter what else happens we have that, only now it is deeper and realer and has solidified to the point where we are no longer complete without one another. One thing I have learned from four years of marriage is that making time for dates, even the cheap and free ones (in fact often especially those), is essential to the health of the entire household. We need that time to just be us.

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    Love Love Love :)

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