Meet our little bean! I was just thinking…

That is where I am right now. Feeling nauseous all day long and always exhausted, and trying to keep up with Seth and get out of the house to do things with him. I don’t feel myself at all these days.

But I know it will pass. I am already 8 weeks- only another month of my first trimester, which for many moms is a huge turning point.

I’ve been pinning baby things on Pinterest here and there, which is the kind of thing that makes me feel connected to the fact that we are actually having another baby. Sometimes it is still pretty surreal, as I’m focused on work and mothering and getting through each day.
People ask if I hope it’s a girl, and I must admit that I do, though I also think it would be really cool for Seth to have a brother. I’m not allowing myself to be set on either one too much at this point. It still feels like so long until we can find out. I love the idea of having a “gender reveal” party, which I’ve seen a few places, including my friend Jami’s ridiculously adorable Mustache or Bows gender surprise party. I think it would be such a super fun way to find out along with family and a few friends.
Earlier this week I asked Seth where the baby is, and he pointed to my belly and then gave it a kiss. I am so excited to see him as a big brother.

While I’ve had a bit of work to do- both photography and a bit of writing- I’ve found it so hard to be motivated to do anything creative for myself. It doesn’t help that it is so very hot outside- some days I would actually love to get out and shoot, but the heat is just too oppressive.
I did get my copy of the brand new Palm Beach Woman magazine this week. I shot the images for three of the articles. I have always had kind of a thing for magazines and the pictures in them, and it is always a thrill to see my work published- I don’t think it will ever get old. These were fun to set up and shoot, too.

Here are some Instagram (cell phone) pictures of the pages I’m on:

Last week I wrote for The Creative Mama about what photography is to me personally. TCM’s annual Creative Photographer series started this week, and is full of great interviews and awesome giveaways.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Keep thinking forwards, keep embracing today, keep making each moment count for something…and before you know it you will be holding that babe in your arms. Bless ya,

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