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I found out a couple weeks ago that I am going to be a mom. I couldn’t believe it. (It’s still pretty surreal, especially since I’m just looking fatter at this point, not pregnant!) But I definitely am- complete with nausea and other “common” symptoms. More than anything I am really excited though- what a cool journey this is going to be for us! I am really looking forward to teaching this little person about the world, and watching him or her discover and grow. I think it is a really amazing privilege to be a parent, and Manny and I are going to approach as just that. We could never impact anyone’s life more than we can the life of this child. It’s a little scary, and very humbling, but also just about the coolest thing in the world. I’m reading all about fetuses and bellies and babies- there is a world of information here that up until now I had only limited interest in… now I feel like my life- and the life of this baby growing inside me- depends on me reading every word and absorbing every bit of information. It’s all very interesting (Ok some of it, frankly, is also kind of gross. But maybe that’s my heightened gag reflex speaking.)
I have never been so tired in my entire life… seriously. That was actually my first clue that something other than killer PMS was at work here. It’s as if someone were slipping Ambien into my water. But that’s only during the day. Because at night I wake up at least 3 times, with all kinds of tossing, turning, and insane dreams in between.
I’ve been to one yoga class since I found out about all this, and I barely made it. My body- especially my legs and feet- seemed extraordinarily heavy and difficult to lift (7am probably also had a lot to with it too!) I had been going 3 or 4 days a week though, and I plan on doing yoga throughout my pregnancy because it has such wonderful benefits for me and the baby. But I’m kind of taking it easy for now- as far as fatigue goes everyone says that the first trimester is the worst.
Signing off for now… maybe to catch a quick nap? No one wants to hear all this complaining anyway. But, tiredness and other ills aside, I really am totally stoked about this kid!

The Test…

Picture taken at 5 weeks… to show where I started from.

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