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Keeping Up…

November 13, 2010
by Hannah

father & son

Life has been moving fast lately- very fast- and I feel like I am perpetually striving to keep up. With Seth. With editing. With my calendar, and the laundry, and the general state of our home. With myself. I am sometimes a little stressed, but mostly so filled with joy that I am busy doing what I love. This is season, and it’s happening. Most of the pieces can fall where they may for now- I will be back to gather them.

So this is a post of random disconnectedness. Yet really it is all connected, in my mind at least.

I have had a hankering for warm apple cider lately. It just feels right at this time of year. I’m thinking of picking up a bit of brandy to add to it.

Wishing there was a change of seasons here, and yet simultaneously I still marvel that going to the beach is even a remote option in mid-November.

Returned a library book yesterday that I read only the first three pages of, though I renewed it once while I had it. I finally had to admit to myself that it simply wasn’t going to happen.

Speaking of life with a toddler… ;-) Seth says at least one or two new words a day now. He understands so much more than her says too. He has the cutest little quirks- I just love watching his personality develop. He’s so much like Manny in a lot of ways.

I’ve been thinking a bit about Christmas- gifts, cards, trees, plans. First though- Thanksgiving! Over the years I have come to love and look forward to Thanksgiving food. Everything about it is comforting and kind of nostalgic.

Thinking about getting some Toms shoes. I heard about this company quite a long time ago and instantly loved the idea. Each time someone purchases a pair of these shoes, a pair is given to a child in a developing country who needs them. I bookmarked the website, but just about forgot about it. Then recently, I’ve heard more buzz about them. I’ve seen them for sale in Whole Foods, and several of my photographer friends adore them, even for all-day shooting! So I’m sold, and am planning to try them out soon.

I’ve posted a couple previews on my business blog recently, and there are more coming soon! I am just loving these recent sessions and weddings!

A few more recent shots of my two guys:


he is awesome


watching boats

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  1. colourherhope permalink
    November 13, 2010 9:37 pm

    Hey friend, I’ve missed you but I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos of what you’re up to. :) It’s really exciting! I showed my husband your site today, because he’s just beginning in a small photography business (and i like your eye) so as he was checking it out, I was telling Ted just how far you’ve come and how I bet in just a few years you’ll be amazed at where you’re is at then - business wise- with your dream. How truly exciting!!! I’m really happy for you :)

    I wanna get a pair of TOMs too! They are really popular out here. A few weeks ago i was at a weepies concert, and probably 1/3 of men/women were wearing TOMs. It’s a great cause. And they have some incredible colours! What colour are you thinking?

    K, just wanted to comment - to tell you i’ve missed you and to let you know I read this blog.

    <3 Jami

    • Hannah permalink*
      November 13, 2010 10:06 pm

      Thank you Jami! I am so thankful for this journey. It’s awesome that Ted is starting a business! What kind of photography is he focusing in? One book that I really like and would recommend to anyone thinking of (or in the beginning stages of) becoming a professional photographer is Vision Mongers by David DuChemin. It is mostly about vision and passion, but has some practical tidbits too.

      Toms- I love the ocean cords, and also the navy and gray canvas ones. If I end up really loving them maybe I’ll end up with a few pairs- some fun ones and pair of black or gray for weddings and such :) They also make “Tiny Toms”, which I would love to get for Seth.

      I’ve been keeping up with your blog too. Such inspiring holiday craft ideas. I hope sometime this month I’ll find the time to do a few crafty things! You’re the sweetest, and it’s nice to know I’m missed when I’m away from here :) xo

  2. elise permalink
    November 14, 2010 9:37 am

    i like your random thoughts. :) sometimes they are just enough and just about all we can get out with all our wonderful distractions. i too love my toms (i have sparkly silver!) so fun and always impart a bit of fun to the practicality of ‘playground shoes’ and ‘shooting shoes!’

  3. Jessica permalink
    November 21, 2010 7:55 am

    Your son is absolutely adorable! What a little stud.

    I highly recommend the Toms investment. I bought my first pair in March and literally wore them every day until it became so darn wintery around here. I only wish I could wear them through the snow…

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