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Friday Links

October 8, 2010
tags: friday links
by Hannah

Some great things from around the web, for your weekend enjoyment…

The Girl Effect. I’ve seen their website before, but this time it brought tears to my eyes for some reason. I suppose I’m a little more emotional than usual lately, but seriously- it makes so much sense and makes me want to take action. Found (again) on Kind Over Matter.

You’re Already Perfect, on Zen Habits.

Space Out, on Simple Mom.

A series of wonderful book suggestions for kids on Peonies and Polaroids, guest-posted by Amanda of First Milk. Books for the tiniest littles, regular littles, and slightly bigger ones. I’m saving these to go back to as Seth grows!

Last but not least, I have found my new favorite wedding magazine, Southern Weddings, and they just came out with their new issue this week. The photographs dazzle and inspire me. Love it.


And a link of my own… today I announced my first annual Holiday Mini Photo Session event. So if you’re local and want some lovely photo cards (I’m so excited about the designs I’ll have available!) and pictures for gifts at a special value, please check it out!


This week felt odd to me- I’m not sure why. I have a longer-than-life to-do list that seems to keep growing even as I cross things off it. As far as work goes, this week was all planning and finances and learning and location scouting and email answering, and very little actual shooting. I feel a little off if I’m not shooting enough.

Trying to balance career and mothering has been particularly challenging this week. I am making changes to the way I manage my time, out of necessity. I think I’ll be writing more on this soon.

My home is a mess. It really would be quite embarrassing, if anyone were to drop in. Unfortunately it is very often the thing that falls through the cracks in the midst of the rest of my life. I’m not too upset about it though. Becoming Supermom isn’t on my life list… :)

I think the one thing that really kept me sane this week was going out for sushi and to Barnes and Noble with my friend Victoria on Monday, without our kids. It is amazing how rejuvenating time away can be. I am making that a goal for the coming week- some time alone, and some alone with Manny. It really makes me a much more patient mommy.

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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