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And it’s Friday

September 17, 2010
tags: five senses friday, friday links
by Hannah

Remember how slow time seemed to go when we were children? I feel like the older I get, the faster the weeks, months and years go by. So, it is Friday once again.

One of the lovely blogs I read, Abby Try Again, always does “Five Senses Friday”, and I thought at least this week, I’d join in. Maybe it will become a regular thing around here. I think it gives a very nice sensory overview of the week.

Feeling: Warm sun on my skin. How much longer will we be in tank tops and shorts? Well okay it is Florida, so probably a couple more months :)

Tasting: Sweet fresh fruit, including that which will come in my CSA box later today.

Smelling: Patchouli and Sweet Orange aromatherapy mist (from Aura Cacia)

Hearing: Andrew Bird Pandora station.

Seeing: Beautiful sunsets lately, just stunning. And orchids in bloom at my mother-in-law’s house, like the one above. I adore orchids- they were one of our wedding flowers.

And some Friday links, of course:

I love the idea of a “Year of Gratitude” project, as posted by Stacey Woods on The Creative Mama. I am going to bring this idea into the remainder of my own 365 project, and I think that for 2011, I will specifically do a gratitude project using my iPhone and sometimes words as well.

A fun post of bikes and bike accessories on Design Sponge. I would love a vintage-style bike, with a seat in back for Seth.

A new film from Kodak, as tested and compared by the Wright Brothers on Twin Lens life. I will definitely be trying this. Right now I am working on a roll of the older Portra in my Pentax.

I am so excited to be attending Earthdance tomorrow. It’s a global festival of peace, and it’s happening at over 200 locations in 50 countries. So cool.

I am always mesmerized by the images on Helt Enkelt, even though I can’t understand the words.

I love these beautiful wedding invitations on Oh, Hello Friend.

This adorable video by Sheena of The Little Red House, taken on her family’s seaside vacation. It is so timelessly sweet.

Kelly Rae Roberts’ beautiful maternity photos by Tracey Clark, and her reflections on being photographed.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend my friends.


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