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a new season

September 8, 2010
tags: creativity
by Hannah

Monday was Labor Day- the unofficial end of summer. Many of my favorite bloggers are speaking of colder breezes, scarves, soups and preparing for cold weather. Here in Florida, however, it is still summer. Our temperatures are in the high 80’s and it’s been raining every afternoon. I go out to take a picture, and I have to wait for my lens to defog.

Still, I feel the change of season instinctively, even if there is not let any physical evidence of it in my world.

I suddenly had a great urge to clean out my closet yesterday. I felt the need to purge and renew, and two garbage bags full of clothes and shoes that I haven’t worn in years and never would have again are on their way out to be donated or consigned. I want to do this in every corner of my home until there’s nothing left that isn’t either useful or beautiful. (I first read this concept during Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Week earlier this year, and it stuck with me.)

Yes, fall is here, and for me it feels like a fresh start in so many ways. There are just four more months left in this year, and I determined not to take them for granted.

I have been experiencing these intense bouts of inspiration lately- I make sure to have a little Moleskine journal with me all the time, because the words will just start to flow, or I’ll have an idea to sketch out quickly. I’ve been taking so many photos with my iPhone (and posting most of them over on Posterous) because I don’t always have my slr with me (or I forget to charge the battery…). I walk around and see amazing things in every direction- the way a leaf curves, the patterns made by vines on a concrete wall, a wooden gate left ajar just so, like it is expecting someone- the world just seems so fresh and full of life and hope.

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