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august break, no.27

August 27, 2010
tags: Seth, family, august break
by Hannah

I am young. I am determined. I am driven. I am passionate. I am me.

I see a future full of promise…

A few of my boys. Seth is about to cut a huge molar and has been so miserable. Don’t you love the curls?

I think he saw a truck or something here-

Manny took this one of me. He captured exactly how I feel- tired, and blissful.
These were all taken in downtown West Palm Beach, FL.

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  1. liza permalink
    August 28, 2010 5:44 pm

    hello. this is a very lovely blog. i’ve got to say that the Cafe Mediterraneo sign behind you caught my eye. i remember when it opened. it caused a big stir. i was on my first teaching assignment in pbg and would treat myself often. sad to see it closed.

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