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august break, no.13: part one

August 13, 2010
tags: august break
by Hannah

Today my soul mate is 24 years old.

I love him so.

Our celebrating has been humble, but the best when can do with a little one who’s fighting a double ear infection.

So, onto part one:
{the iPhone pictures}

bowling with Manny’s dad and brother-
bowling food



Seth and I went for a little walk while daddy went to see a movie with a few few friends-
An evening walk

An evening walk

An evening walk

I’m looking forward to cuddling on the sofa and watching a movie with the birthday boy tonight : )

{The August Break is, for me, about not feeling like I have to write here- pictures each day will do (but there are no rules of course, so I can write too if I feel like it!) Basically I am relaxing more in August, and letting summer be summer.
This idea is from the talented Susannah Conway. Click here for more info and a list of participating bloggers.}

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