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{some Friday randomness}

July 16, 2010
by Hannah

on human connections.

I was pushing the stroller through the grocery store, Seth napping in it (finally!), carrying a basket in my other hand. I was thinking about things I needed, and how to make the budget stretch as far as possible. It had been a frustrating morning and felt a headache coming on. My hair was slightly frizzy from the humidity and my jeans (like all of my clothes these days) felt a little too big for comfort. I looked up the aisle and saw a guy- it’s funny now that I’m thinking about it, I have no idea what he was wearing- I just remember his tattoos. They were interesting lines, across his shoulders, up his neck, even a little onto his lower jaw I think. He may have had piercings too (most likely), but I didn’t look at his face for long because I realized quickly that he was looking me right in the eyes. This all happened so very quickly- a fleeting moment. But it made me uncomfortable. I averted my eyes and moved past him. Then I felt so ashamed. I felt like I did so because of his appearance. He is probably quite used to making people feel uncomfortable, but I do not consider myself that type of person. Usually I am drawn to this type of thing- the “alternative” scene if you will. I thought his ink was cool- it was really the eye contact that momentarily caught me off guard. Why are people so afraid of connecting with one another? When did I become afraid of it? I feel like anyone who has such visible and interesting art permanently installed on his or her being has an even more interesting story to go with it. These are the stories I want to hear. These are the people I want to photograph. I can get so introspective at times that I forget to connect with other humans. I’m sure I didn’t really miss any type of opportunity there in the grocery store when I looked away so quickly, but the point is that we are all human, and every connection begins with a glance, or a few words, and if we avoid those our lives will be devoid of connection. And what kind of life would that be?

Something to ponder…


some inspiration.

I have been so inspired by the internet lately- or better put, some of the talented people who post beautiful things on it.
So, some links:

The Anthropologist ~ this is a project by my (and I know, every other blogger’s) favorite store in the world, Anthropologie. They are showcasing some truly beautiful work by very talented artists. I really got lost in it for quite a while this evening, and I am so very glad I did. I think I will go back and watch Derek Henderson’s incredibly meditative and beautiful film whenever I need a few minutes of peace in my day.

Design Sponge has been posting some wonderful roundups of inspiring home photos that make me want to decorate and renovate and plan my dream house. I love the gorgeous offices, and more offices, bathrooms, kids rooms, and kitchens!

Scoutie Girl is one of my absolute favorite blogs. It is all about passion, creativity, indie culture, and social change. I am constantly challenged and inspired by the posts there. Here are some really cool articles: Disposable Culture, Living a Creative Life, 3 Reasons to Pay More for Your Stuff, and The True Cost of Handmade.

I spent some time this week reading Why India?, which was featured on Poppytalk. It was like a novel I couldn’t put down, and really made me think about a lot of important issues. So beautifully written, and I believe, worth the time to read through. (got to the index page to start from the beginning of the story.)



Tonight I am enjoying some peaceful time to myself, and trying not to multitask, but rather take everything one task at a time, slow down, and soak things in rather than rushing through. I am trying to learn mindfulness, and it only comes through practice.

Finally, a photo I took earlier today…
16 july

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  1. Phoe permalink
    July 17, 2010 2:07 pm

    Eye contact nowadays feel intrusive. Like they’re in our space. I’m sure it used to be a mark of politeness and respect.

    • Hannah permalink
      July 17, 2010 2:10 pm

      That’s true, it does feel intrusive. And it varies greatly between cultures too. hmm…

  2. August 12, 2010 10:48 pm

    Thank you Hannah, for your kind words about Why India(?). I wrote it for myself but it’s pleasing to read that it touched a stranger such as yourself. Come back anytime and share the thoughts it brought up for you.

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