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{time} for DREAMS

July 10, 2010
by Hannah

Late last week, I came across the wonderful blog Visionary Mom. It is such an inspiring place and it has already given me much to think about. Lisa is currently teaching an e-course called 8 Weeks to Feeling Like You Have More Time, for moms to need more time in their lives to follow their dreams and do what they are passionate about. It started June 29, but I decided to jump right in anyway, because this is something I think I need right now.

Week one was about getting in touch with your dreams- why you want more time in the first place. I have really been in this place anyway lately- planning, daydreaming, figuring out what my goals are, generally and specifically. I have been looking deep within myself at what I want my life to look like. I have so many dreams related to photography- where I want my business to go, and where I want to go creatively with it. I have dreams for my personal life and my family too, and ideas of how I want our daily lives to be.

Overall though, I wish for peace. I have been allowing the stress of life to overwhelm me, to the point where I am making myself physically sick. So I dream of a release from the bigger tensions that have been hanging over my head, so that I can live my daily life in the moment, worry-free. I long for peace with myself, peace with the past and with the unknown of the future.

Specifically, though, my dreams for my career consist of achieving a comfortable workload- having enough jobs, but not being overwhelmed or taking too much time from my family, and being able to only do jobs I love. Some special portraits and weddings, but I want to shift my focus to publishing work- books and magazines. I want to do food and interior photography, and fashion and product work for indie businesses and designers. Cover art for indie musicians. I want to be requested, if not slightly well-known someday, and I want to travel for my work to exciting places and be part of exciting and meaningful projects. These are the things that get me excited. I would love to open a dedicated studio/office space for my business, too- I have so many ideas for it.
I have had an idea brewing in my heart for a long time, that want to share with you. In 2005 I spent almost a month in Zambia, and in my time there Africa claimed a part of my soul. I feel connected to it. I will never forget the things I saw there, and most of all, the people I met there. I want to do a photography project therewith the end product being a book to be published. I want any proceeds to help people there who need it.

For my family, I dream of travel. I want to teach my son about the world by showing it to him. I want us to explore and experience together. I want to be able to send Seth to any school we feel will be good for him. I have been so frusterated and discourged by what I hear about public schools here and the standardized testing that rules every aspect of the education they provide. I want to be able to send him to a private school when the time comes, and not have to worry about money.

I want to spend time every day being creative. Through photography, art, writing, even cooking. I want to nurture myself more, maybe take a weekly yoga class again, and spend time alone reconnecting to who I am and getting centered so I have more to pour into my family.

I want more people in my life who inspire me and encourage me to grow, and I want to really pour into those relationships on a very regular basis.

I want to provide a rich childhood for my son, filled with experiences and learning that he will remember throughout his life. I want to be patient and loving and present for him, and such a big part of being able to do that, is taking time to follow my own dreams and continuing to be who I am apart from him.


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  1. Lisa permalink
    July 17, 2010 8:15 am

    your dreams are beautiful and amazing.. i am really inspired reading what you have written here and sooo many similarities between what you wish for and what I wish for. I LOVE that!!

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