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the tuesday list

July 6, 2010
tags: tuesday list
by Hannah

I haven’t forgotten about it, though it’s been a few weeks since I posted one of these…

1. Rain. It’s getting to be a bit much. Seriously.

2. I am flirting with eating vegan again for a while. I started reading The Kind Diet (by Alicia Silverstone) this week- it is basically a vegan diet with elements of macrobiotics and no processed foods. I think I will do a month of it as sort of a detox, and then decide where to go from there. I have not been feeling very well lately and feel I need to cleanse my system. Even after a few days of no meat, very little dairy and sugar, and lots of whole cooked grains, beans and fresh vegetables, I feel a lot better.

3. We met some friends for library storytime this morning, and Seth was so in his element- dancing and clapping and playing the shaker eggs. It is so cool to watch him branch out all on his own, he is really becoming his own amazing little person.

4. We’re part of a group yard sale this coming Saturday, and I really need to get on the ball with sorting and pricing my stuff. We have accumulated quite a bit in the almost three years we’ve been married.

5. I am looking forward to seeing Eclipse with my little sister this weekend.

6. I really wish my Polaroid sx-70 wasn’t broken and likely irreparable. It makes me sad.

7. I want a beach day. Rain, rain, go away…

8. I have so many ideas for my business lately, and really looking forward to getting busier with it. Still, even with very few clients there is always something to do.

9. I need to learn how to bake yummy desserts with no dairy and no white sugar. I am going to try some from The Kind Diet book soon. I have learned in the past that though I can live without refined sugar, I really must have sweet things in my life on a regular basis.

10. I am thinking about a few new regular installments on this blog. “Everyday Etsy” would have beautiful handmade things that are also useful in everyday life, and “Inspiration” would have photography, writing, videos, art, design and anything else that has been inspiring me lately. Probably both on a weekly basis. I am constantly inspired by things I see online, and would love to start sharing more of that here.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and here is a picture I snapped the other day, purely for it’s heart-melting qualities…
handsome little guy

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