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I am…

July 3, 2010
tags: thoughts
by Hannah

self portrait b&w{self portrait in black and white}

I am: hopeful
I think: with the right side of my brain
I know: that i am loved
I want: to do something meaningful with my life
I have: everything i need
I dislike: stress
I miss: many friends who i’ve lost touch with over time
I fear: not being enough
I feel: peaceful right now
I hear: my son’s soft breathing as he sleeps on my lap
I smell: patchouli sweet orange room spray
I crave: a girl’s night out. and several items from anthropologie.
I usually: have a stack of unread magazines waiting near my desk
I search: for a moment to myself
I wonder: if i will ever “get there”
I regret: not majoring in photography with a minor in entrepreneurship
I love: my family
I care: about the world- nature and humanity
I am always: thinking about too many things at once
I worry: far too much
I remember: what it was like to be 16
I have: a lot to do
I dance: around my living room almost daily
I sing: to my son to get him to sleep
I don’t always: eat as much as i need to {i get too busy and distracted}
I argue: with my husband over dumb things more often than i’d like
I write: because it helps me sort out my  thoughts
I lose: myself in a good book
I wish: i could travel more
I listen: to my gut instincts
I don’t understand: life, most of the time
I can usually be found: yes. it would be nice be lost more often
I am scared: of losing people i care about
I need: creativity in my life
I forget: to live in the moment {too often}
I am happy: when i am doing what i love
I got this from Constantly Evolving- bookmarked it a while ago and nearly forgot about it. I’m glad I remembered today.
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