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The First Haircut

July 1, 2010
tags: Seth
by Hannah

I don’t know why exactly it was so emotional for me. I know his hair has become quite unruly lately, and just about everyone we meet when out and about mistakes him for a girl. Those things didn’t really bother me that much, but I knew it was time for a little trim anyway. But I held off. I love those curls, and the fact that he still had the same hair he was born with. I think that is really the reason for the emotion, actually. That soft hair on his head was the same hair I stroked for hours on end when he was brand new, and I didn’t want to cut it off. But he is a toddler now, always my baby, but really no longer a little baby. He’s walking, and beginning to talk. His fifth tooth just came in a couple days ago.
So we went today for the monumental First Haircut. We went to a fun little kids-only salon, where there are special chairs and little tv’s, and the stylist is quick and sweet and blows bubbles! He loved it, and he looks great, and still totally himself. I asked them to please not entirely get rid of his curls, and sure enough, there are still some in back. But I think he does look a little older.
The “BEFORE” pictures:
before the first haircut
the back, with it’s long crazy curliness. when pulled straight down, it came to over an inch below his collar!
baby curls- before 1st haircut

Here he’s just not sure what to make of the whole thing:
Seth's 1st haircut

Seth's 1st haircut

Seth's 1st haircut

Seth's 1st haircut

And the “AFTER” photo:
all done!

Then we went to play at the park for a little while. Seth loves the park. I got a few better shots of his new ‘do’.
new haircut

'driving' at the playground

I can’t believe he is going to be 17 months old next week. Time going so, so fast. It never flew by like this before I became a mom. I used to feel like I was always waiting for time to pass, for certain dates to come, and now the months just sneak up on me. Suddenly it’s going to be July 4th again, then Manny’s birthday and our 3rd anniversary, then my birthday and Thanksgiving and Christmas and oh my word, did we not just do all this? Seriously.

Anyway, like I said, Seth got another tooth this week, and his vocabulary is definitely increasing. He can say “no” and “uh oh”, “all done”, “stop” (always to the dog lol), “bebe” (means bellybutton), “mouth”, and of course “mama”, “mommy” and “dada”. He can do the sign language for “food”, “more”, “milk”, “sleep”, and “done”. It is so fun to communicate with him! He also never stops his own monologue of toddler talk that only he can understand, which is just beyond awesome to listen to. The infections in his voice are so expressive, even when the words aren’t exactly real ones.
Today we danced around the house to salsa music. His love for music is still going strong. He also loves to figure things out, like taking a lid off something, unscrewing things, putting in and out of other things, and taking things apart/putting them back together. Of course I am biased, but he seems to be very intelligent. I’m so proud of him and amazed every day as I watch him become more himself. It’s so wonderful.

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