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June 21, 2010
by Hannah

I was trying to find a word to describe this day, and I think that “balmy” pretty much covers it. I’m laying on a blanket under some trees in the park right now, and it’s not too sweltering hot, due to the slightest warm breeze. Manny and his dad are playing with Seth on the playground. I can hear them laughing together. There are about 15 squirrels in the trees above me, chasing eachother and making silly noises. The sounds of cicadas and birds and kids playing- purely, blissfully, summer. And for a moment I can allow myself to forget all of what has been worrrying me and overwhelming my heart lately,
And just be.

{By the way blogging from my iPhone makes me totally see the draw of the iPad. Typing on those is much, much easier. I think if they make one with a USB port, so i can connect a camera, I’ll be sold on it :) }

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