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this weekend…

May 23, 2010
tags: Seth
by Hannah

Loving Lisa Hannigan (found via Ilka’s Attic)

Today’s Letters- a sweet new (to me) blog I’m reading.

Photo session yesterday with a sweet lady and her sons and grandson, all visiting from other states. Here’s one outtake-ish shot that I love anyway:


I’ve been reading my old journal, thinking about Africa and the things that used to me most important to me. Thinking a lot. Examining Myself. Looking at old photographs. I’ll probably blog about all this soon.

I’ve been soaking up Seth’s totally awesome personality that is just blossoming lately. I cherish each moment that is left of his babyhood- the babbling as he toddles around, nursing him all cuddled together, watching him sleep, wearing him in the Ergo carrier for walks. He is so in-between in a lot of ways. He is still a baby, but technically also a toddler now that he is walking. He can be unbelievably silly, and he definitely knows it, and he even shows signs of playing pretend sometimes. We had a week and a half of crazy teething, but that has been better the last couple days and he has just been so very happy and fun.
This morning Seth woke up and saw Manny next to me, who had gotten in from work about an hour before, and he got so happy and kept saying “Dada” It melts my heart- he adores his dad, and that makes me even more in love with my husband than I was before.

My garden is thriving in the full sun and constant water it’s been getting. When I bought (on a whim) my little canteloupe plant a few weeks ago I had no ideaa that it was going to go on  fast forward and take up 1/3 of my garden. I hope I get some yummy fruit from it! My basil is delicious and makes me happy- I think I should grow more herbs actually, I really love them.

I am determined to take advantage of the beach as much as I possibly can before it gets too impossibly hot outside.

I need photography inspiration, and Flickr always delivers. My favorites pool.

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