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Some reflections on motherhood and business

March 14, 2010
tags: business, motherhood, Photography, thoughts
by Hannah

In 2008, I found out I was going to become a mother, and I started an independent portrait photography business. I had no idea what exactly I was getting into with either of them.

me & seth no.2

I love to take take pictures, and I was strongly convicted that I must do something I am passionate about. It was a very slow start- I had one paid job that year, and only a few in 2009. Only now I am delving into what it really means to be a business owner and do so successfully. There is so much more to this than knowing how to take good pictures. But in learning all of these other things I am empowering myself to make a living from what I love to do. It’s absolutely priceless. I am even finding that I am really enjoying some parts the process, like branding and creative marketing {finances and legal forms, not as much- they’re sort of necessary evils}. So while by business was technically founded in 2008, 2010 is really the year it is becoming something. It is exciting and scary and wonderful.

The hardest part is finding a balance between this work and raising Seth. Oh yes I mentioned that I had no idea what I was getting into with this as well, right? I know it’s practically a cliche, but it’s true- becoming a parent changed everything. In a really spectacular way though. An unexpected way. This kid is basically the center of my world. He was what made me realize I needed to do what I love in the first place. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant, I would have continued my work at the library, and finished my library science degree. I wouldn’t have been unhappy, not at all, but I wouldn’t have been doing what I was really meant to do. Especially after he was born, I saw so clearly what my priorities should be and how precious every moment of life is.

Taking care of a baby (now almost a toddler) and venturing into the world of independent business at the same time has been a crazy journey. Sometimes it seems too challenging, and I wonder if I’ll be able  to handle it. But I will be able to. I am handling it. One day at a time, with the love and support of my husband and family, this dream is becoming reality. I am learning to find the delicate balance each day between each important role in my life- mom, wife, daughter, artist, business owner, and woman. I think finding that balance will be a lifelong journey, but definitely one worth embarking on.

me & seth no.1

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  1. boho girl permalink
    March 27, 2010 2:21 pm

    …i am still trying to find that balance. i am gathering energy from your words. energy and hope. xo beautiful boy you have and you are such a beauty too.

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