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I’m Still Here…

February 28, 2010
by Hannah

I was really hoping to upload and post all of my pictures from the trip today, but Seth caught a bad cold while we were gone and today he needed a lot of extra cuddling and attention. Now that he is asleep I am finally getting on the computer, but I feel a little under the weather myself, so I’ll be off to bed in a little while and I am hoping to get all the pictures up tomorrow.

We got home around 10:45 last night, after a long day of traveling. It was truly a blessing that Manny won our tickets and that we could take this trip, but the downside of free tickets is that you don’t get much say in when you fly and where your connections are. Yesterday we left Boston at 2:30pm, arrived in Chicago (yes, Chicago) almost 3 hours later, had just enough time to buy a couple of turkey sandwiches and get to our next gate, and arrived in West Palm Beach at 9:50pm. When we got home it was nearly eleven. Seth was wonderful all things considered, but definitely (understandably) had a few meltdowns along the way.

We did have a wonderful time. It was so good to reconnect with family who I don’t see often enough. Yesterday morning before we left it finally snowed, and I went out to take pictures as the sun came up, and then Manny and I built a tiny snowman and we pulled Seth around the yard in a baby sled. It was a wonderful way to end our trip.

For now I have a few pictures I took with my phone using CameraBag- just some random things I didn’t take my Nikon out for… {because no blog post by a photographer should be pictureless, right?}

this one you’ve seen if you keep up with my Pixel 365 project- I took it from the plane on or way to Boston.

the bridge over the Charles River in Boston. this picture was not converted to black and white- it was just that gray out that day.

the same day, in the city- we could not see the tops of the tallest buildings; they were swallowed up by the fog.
Foggy Boston

this was in the Harvard Museum of Natural History- a really cool museum. I saw my first in-person dinosaur skeletons, and a lot of other very interesting things.
Blue butterfly

Goodnight, and do wish us an easy night please- we need it!

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