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February 17, 2010
tags: business, Photography, Seth
by Hannah

We went to the Garlic Festival in Delray on Valentine’s Day. It was cold and very crowded, but we had a good time. There were a lot of artist booths and we bought Seth this hat, which obviously will still fit him next year.

garlic fest 1

garlic fest 2

There were rides, too. It was kind of a mini fair, with much better food. I ate roasted garlic pizza and a mushroom stuffed with garlic, spinach and artichoke, and Manny had a wonderful garlic curry chicken kebab.

garlic fest 3

I took these in the back yard at Manny’s parents’ house yesterday. Jackie has pretty things hanging from her tree.

little bells


One of Seth’s favorite activities of late is bubbles. He thinks they are just great. And I think he’s just great.



We are going on our trip to Massachusetts in one week. Today we bought an umbrella stroller- basically one that folds up nice and compactly rather than our big beastly one, for the airports and whatnot. I found this great website with lots of tips for traveling with babies and toddlers. (Is Seth a baby or toddler now… what is the definition of toddler…one? two? walking?… I’m not sure.) I’ll admit I’ve been sort of nervous about the traveling part with him at this age. So often he just wants to get down and crawl around and move. It should be interesting….

We have some shopping to do for warmer attire for our trip. Hopefully we’ll hit some good sales.

I’m working on a new website for my business, which I am very excited about. I am really hoping I can manage to get it up and running before we leave. I feel like this will be more professional looking and more of a representation of who I am as a photographer.

This post was a bit random, but that’s where my mind is right now. I almost started listing out all the things that are on my mind that I need to do, but I will spare you that. Goodnight all.

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  1. Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer) permalink
    February 18, 2010 12:07 am

    First? A garlic festival sounds awesome! Also, this series of shots is just fabulous. I love the last one; so fun!

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