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Your daily dose of Seth

January 29, 2010
tags: birthday, Seth
by Hannah

Because I hear withdrawals can be painful. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through that simply because I was too tired to post a picture of my son.)

I am aiming for an earlier bedtime tonight because I’ve been burning my candle at both ends and I’ve just about reached the middle.
Isn’t he awesome?

He broke his record for standing up today- 4 seconds! (give or take) He thinks that balancing on his own is just about the funniest thing ever. He giggles every time.

Two teeth (bottom front) are officially in, and this morning I felt that one of the top ones cut through just the tiniest bit.

I am throwing my first birthday party as a mom next weekend. The first of many, many parties I am sure. I am not really the best at planning parties. Maybe I’d do better with it if I had an unlimited budget and tons and tons of time :-P
It’s at a park, and we are going to have some games, like horseshoes and dominoes, for the grown-ups, and I figured we could put some sheets on the grass for babies to play on, and there’s a playground right there too. We’re getting all kinds of good snacking foods, and we’ll order a cake, but I am going to make one from here for Seth (and anyone else who would like to try some that day)- I am determined not to give him sugar or processed foods until he’s two. (This means that now that he’s more aware of everything, that stuff is also going to have to be scarce around our house and in my own diet, too, which is good anyway, but this is a topic for another post so moving on…)
I got two blue tablecloths and two green. They are disposable and buying them made me cringe. So will getting the paper goods and plasticwear that is all pretty much inevitable at an outdoor party this size. (I am sorry dear planet, I will try harder at next year’s birthday shindig.) We’re going to get some blue and green baloons and streamers for the pavilion. I am going to make a banner-type thing to hang on the font of the pavilion. Overall I am really looking forward to it, though the thought of my baby turning one makes me pretty emotional. What a fast-paced year it’s been!

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  1. colourherhope permalink
    January 30, 2010 6:17 pm

    he is a d o r a b l e! Good job standing up buddy! I can’t believe he’s almost 1! Whoa! It’s bittersweet, so it’s totally okay that you’re emotional! I will be too!

    Question? I am getting ready to feed chase more than organic rice cereal. What would you recommend? Do you make your baby food? Or what brand of food do you use? I like the cake idea too. We are trying to change our eating habits, which is SO hard and I imagine when they want to eat what you have, it’s even harder!

    thanks for the baby seth fix! :)

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