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January 26, 2010
tags: Photo Life
by Hannah

I love silhouette photos. The light and color perfectly exposed, with the essence of everthing else crisp and beautifully intact. Sunset and sunrise are such peaceful times. They make me happy.

I took these today at my in-laws’ house before dinner:




pixel365 Jan26

These were all taken with my 50mm lens, at f/1.8 and 1/60 sec.; ISO 400.
I want to do some silhouettes with people, on the beach. The only problem is that I live on the East coast, so sunsets on the beach are out. Sunrises are pretty but don’t have the same effect or colors. (And they’re early!)
I’ll think of something.

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  1. colourherhope permalink
    January 28, 2010 11:52 am

    you are so gifted. I love it. Thank you for sharing friend!

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