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Seth’s First Beach Adventure

March 26, 2009
tags: attachment parenting, family
by Hannah

Yesterday we went to Boynton Inlet. It was such a gorgeous day. Seth slept the entire time in the Ergo carrier- in this one you can see the top of his head:

We are really into babywearing, and love the Ergo for going out. It will work as a back carrier too, until he’s two or three years old (or too heavy for us to handle basically). We also have the Mouna Wrap which I’ve shown on here before, and I have an adjustable sling on the way. Seth is so happy when he’s being carried close to me, and there are amazing benefits to babywearing: it promotes physical and intellectual development, babies worn frequently cry less, romotes bonding and lifelong communication between parent and child, more convenient than dealing with a stroller, and allows parents to get things done and use their hands while still holding their baby. has tons of great information.

In other news, Seth is happy and wonderful. He is smiling contantly now, and sometimes almost laughing- it won’t be long now. We have so much fun. He can hold his head up for a while now, though after a little while his neck still gets tired. He’s been to the library three times already (three different ones, too!). I had my six week postpartum appointment on Tuesday, and everything is great and I am healing very well. I feel almost back to normal, and really not too sleep deprived most days, considering that I still wake up a few times each noght to feed Seth.

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