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35 weeks, and counting…

January 18, 2009
tags: homebirth, pregnancy
by Hannah

I am going to be 36 weeks on Tuesday, and I literally feel it getting closer every day. I’m always wondering when it will happen- when will I meet my son? I think he’s “dropped” as people call it- or engaged in my pelvis. I don’t think it is obvious by looking at the shape of my belly, but I feel a lot of pressure from his head- more pain and backaches. He is getting stronger all the time, and is still very active. Sleep is harder to come by- I guess I am being prepared for new motherhood in that respect. I went to a breastfeeding class this week, which was good and really informative. In a few weeks I’m going to “Naturopathic Care of Your Newborn” by the same teacher, who is a really great naturopathic doctor and also assists my midwife frequently, so there’s a chance she could attend my birth with Connie. We are getting ready- there is a list of supplies we need to have for a home birth, and Manny and I will go shopping for those in the next few days. Connie is coming to the house for my visit this week, so she can check everything out and make sure we’re ready, etc. From then on I’ll have an appointment each week until the baby is born. All of this makes me realize how truly close I am to becoming a mom- it’s amazing.
Here’s a picture- 35 weeks 5 days:

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  1. Jami & Baby Davis permalink
    January 19, 2009 10:19 pm

    Hey Hannah, I didn't know you guys are planning on doing a homebirth, or maybe i just forgot. So are we! I think that it is great! Not a lot of people choose homebirths anymore, so it's incredible to hear of a friend who is. You look great & I can't wait to see pics of your little guy!

  2. Ted&jamiDavis permalink
    January 23, 2009 5:37 pm

    Hey Hannah, okay so it's normal to feel the heaviness & achiness. I also heard from Kealey (who's also preggo), that you can start having slight braxton hicks contractions & I think that maybe i've been feeling those. She said most people don't know what it is they are feeling, but guessed that is one thing mine could be. I don't like them if that's the case :) anyways, we actually aren't planning on finding out the baby's sex.. I grew up never knowing my siblings and loving the surprise, ted on the other hand, wants to know cause he hates the big surprises haha, but he's said he'll try and hold out!

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