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30 weeks… and getting ready for holidays

December 16, 2008
tags: Christmas, family, pregnancy
by Hannah

These shots are from our holiday/maternity photo shoot, taken yesterday by my awesome mother. There are more posted on my facebook page. We had a great time walking around downtown in Stuart.
Suddenly we’re really close to Christmas- I’m not really sure what happened. I have all kinds of baking, shopping and other things I want to do in the next few weeks. I am trying to pace myself though, because I get tired more easily now and need to rest more frequently and not be on my feet too much. I can easily tell when I am pushing myself too much- my body makes it quite clear- but I have to remember to actually take it easy for the baby’s sake rather than keep going. It is frustrating to have physical limitations, but it is for such a good cause :)
My last day at the library is going to be January 27th. I’ll be sad to leave- I love my job- but I’m getting so excited that we’ll actually meet our little guy in 10 weeks or so (well actually nine since I’ll be 31 weeks tomorrow!)

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