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Christmas Gift Challenge- Revised

November 26, 2008
tags: Christmas, crafts, handmade
by Hannah

After some thought I have decided to expand my Christmas giving idea. Rather than making everything, we will give only ethical gifts for Christmas this year. There are so many really cool eco-friendly, handmade and fair trade gift options out there, and I am excited to explore and come up with things for everyone on our list.

I’ve recently started knitting a blanket for the baby, and I am really interested in using some natural fiber yarns, like ones from PurlSoho and Near Sea Naturals. I’m also hoping to try my hand at making recycled felt from wool sweaters from thrift stores. Pregnancy has made me want to be so much more domestic and creative- after my classes are over for the semester I want to start baking, and learn to use my sewing machine.

I am setting a challenge for myself in the next year, to buy as little as possible for the house. So many things can be made- like cleaning solutions, decor for the house, clothes and toys for the baby, personal care. I think it will be fun, and very economical compared to buying everything. Making and reusing things can really reduce waste as well, and you have control over what is in it.

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