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26 weeks

November 15, 2008
tags: cloth diapers, eco-friendly, pregnancy
by Hannah

So this is the last week of my 2nd trimester. I can’t believe how fast it seems to be going by. I’ve had several people comment recently that my belly has grown a lot on the last couple of weeks, and I guess it kind of feels bigger, if that is possible.
I have still sort of been rounding out the registry lists, and sometime soon Manny and I are going to go to Babies “r” Us and add things in the store. I try to go by lists of recommendations and what other people tell me, but the fact is it is hard to know exactly what we will want and need when he is actually here. Looking at all the stuff can be fun, but I think there is a lot of commercial hype about baby stuff and they market to neurotic new parents- really babies’ needs are pretty simple and I’m not too worried about not having everything.
I have been doing lots of reading and research on cloth diapers and I’m really convinced that I can handle it and that it is better than disposables in many ways. People tend to look at me like I’m crazy if I tell them that’s what we’re planning to do, but I think they are mostly unaware of the new cloth diapers that make it really easy and basically as clean as disposables. This blog by a mom I found online explains why they are so great, and she wrote this one about the process she uses with them and which kinds she likes, which I found super helpful. We’re going to start out by renting a newborn size package from, so all we will really need to by right away is covers for those. When he is big enough (about 10lbs) I want to try the all-in-one kind, which are really easy because they go on just like a disposable and expand to fit from 10lbs to potty training.
Anyway… it is time to get ready for a nice long 10 hour workday now. Possibly another 26 week picture coming later- one that includes my face :)

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