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Lots to Learn

November 10, 2008
tags: homebirth, pregnancy
by Hannah

25 week belly picture:

This weekend I went to my childbirth class Friday night and all day Saturday. Manny and my mom came too, though on Saturday it was just me and mom because Manny had to work. It was a really great class- I feel much better about giving birth now, and actually I’m really excited to be having a home birth. It was good to meet other pregnant ladies and their husbands- there were two other couples whose due dates are very close to mine, and it was really fun to talk to them. There was such a huge amount of information to absorb that it was a tad overwhelming, and I hope I remember it when I actually need it. I think it will come back to me though. There is so much to know, especially about taking care of a newborn, but I think that when the time comes instinct will play an important role as well.
I have been so emotional over the last few days- much more so than usual. And I’m having some super weird dreams, and lots of cramps… I’ve been totally stressed out. School is really tough, and I have a paper that has kind of been freaking me out. As soon as I’m done with it I’m taking a day to relax and regroup. Working and taking two classes while pregnant is challenging. I’ll be relieved when the semester is over and I don’t have to feel guilty about reading parenting books anymore. Just a few more weeks.
Seth is super active as usual- I amazed at how often he kicks. Yesterday I felt him really high up- near my ribs- which was a very strange feeling. Manny and I both talk to him, and I play music loud enough for him to hear- it’s really cool to feel so connected to him already, I love it and can’t wait to meet him.

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