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Here we are at the beginning…

December 11, 2007
tags: family
by Hannah

I thought about doing this a while ago- making a web so people could always see what we’re up to. So why not now? Hopefully we’ll have a lot of exciting things to report. At the very least you might get some of my random thoughts and musings- maybe even some movie or music reviews.

We have been married three months and both agree that they have been the happiest of our lives. We are young, but determined, and very much in love. What more do we need. These three months have brought already some interesting challenges- we like to think of them as adventures. Life is a crazy adventure in itself, and I for one consider myself so fortunate to have Manny by my side in it.

I have to add something else to this introduction. Most of you who will read this know that I did a school with YWAM in Colorado a couple years ago. A few days ago a guy walked into the base I lived on a shot some of the staff workers. One of them was a friend I went to Europe with. The YWAM base is like a big tight-knit family, and they have lost two members this week. Another is going into surgery today to have a bullet removed from his neck. If you pray, and even if you usually don’t, please do so for my friends in Denver. They are stricken with grief and shock.

I keep wondering, what is happening to this world we live in? What will the future bring?


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