Thinking of Spring

I feel the season changing- even though I am in Florida, where the seasons do not really change. Still, the impending Spring is affecting me. The outdoors call to me. I want to play outside and soak up the sun all day. I am gardening again- growing basil and snap peas and lettuce. I’m going to plant more seeds this week. I adore the green markets and going for walks with Seth. Our sliding doors are open very often these days.

I yearn for change, for newness. I’m getting new ideas and starting new projects. I have even been thinking about doing something totally different with my hair. I’m reading Kris Carr‘s new book, Crazy Sexy Diet, and I am loving it. I have been getting more and more migraines again, and am so tired of feeling that way and letting it affect my life so much. I know (and have always known) deep down that food is the root of it, and am ready to make drastic changes. I have such a desire to eat in a way that makes me feel vibrant and alive and healthy. I also want to be more active- even possibly start running. (Dare I type that where others can see? Now I have to try!)

In the grocery store recently, I decided to buy myself some flowers. (If you have never done this, I highly recommend it! It’s such a simple way to feel love on yourself.) Tulips especially signify Spring, newness, and vibrancy to me- I thought these white ones were so pure and lovely.

How do you feel Spring making its way into your world lately?

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  1. Buds! I think sometimes we forget to notice that, even though they’re green year round, the trees do change. Today I saw buds, tiny flowers and news leaves on a tree. Beautiful.

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