Something real

I came to this place in search of something real and true. Those were the only expectations I allowed myself to bring. I came as a seeker and a learner, as an artist wanting to create something authentic and meaningful.

That is all I ever want, and I am learning that it is attainable, but only if I am willing to be authentic, and real, and true.

Not only am I willing, but I am eager. I crave authenticity so deeply, not only in my work but in every area of my life.

I shared yesterday on my photography blog some more thoughts on the matter…

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  1. Hannah,
    I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog. Your photos are beautiful and so authentic.
    I found you on Tracey’s blog and your piece on “I am enough’ radiates with truth and courage. I am looking forward to reading more or your words.
    all the best.

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