Some Sunday Links

I know my “links” posts haven’t been totally regular, but I have a bunch of things from around the web that I wanted to share this weekend. I guess it was just a good week in cyberspace :)

In food:
Chocolate Peanut spread from Smitten Kitchen {big nutella fan here, so I’m all over this idea}
and these yummy looking Peanut Snack bars from The Little Red House
lovely food photography and recipes on Honey and Jam

In photography:
a discussion about film on Shutter Sisters
and speaking of film- Jonathan Canlas talked on Formspring about the awesome benefits of the new Kodak Portra 400 {which I can’t wait to try}
a gorgeous Maui wedding shot by Jose Villa, on Style Me Pretty- Part I and Part II {and just to tie it all together, Jose shoots film too, and happens to be one of my all-time favorite photographers}

In design:
this post on office style, on The Pretty Blog, makes me want to redesign my home office space
and I have been loving all the inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and it is keeping me from cluttering my bookmarks folder, which I like

In life:
my friend Angie talked about stepping back from the time-suck that is the Internet
and Deb Schwedhelm shared why you shouldn’t check your email first thing in the morning {original article by Sid Savara}
on The Creative Mama, Tiffany Larson shared her green goals for the year

And a photo of Seth from a few days ago- it makes my heart so happy that he enjoys art already…

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