Six Promises You Need to Five Yourself Immediately

Autumn is a perfect time to make new resolutions. While the weather is slightly cold, windy and melancholic you have some time to concentrate on yourself and really reevaluate your life. You know that it’s hard to make resolutions and keep up with them, but if you want some changes in your life, it doesn’t matter what season you see outside the window. It’s time for changes and you are ready to make them, so stay tuned!

  • Let bad things from the past go

It’s easy to swirl down in autumn melancholy, picking on smallest things that happened in your past. Like your quarrel with a friend, who was really guilty? Was I quick to apologize first? Was my ex so toxic or was I overdramatic at that time? Do I have a huge report to make on the weekend?

These things can really immerse you into a catatonic state of mind. We like chewing on things we should’ve swallowed long time ago. But at this time, clean your digestive system. Worry only when are worried. Don’t think about work during a weekend, forget about small bickering with your friend, let your toxic ex train his disgusting tricks on other people – it shouldn’t concern you. See life as a perspective. Will it matter in five years? That is the question that should make your choice quicker.

  • Changes are good

In fact, they are not always good. They are inevitable and crucial. And if you want to move on, any changes would do. Autumn is associated with new things in life: school starts, we go to the university, switch cities to live in, find new jobs. Feeling like not much is changing this year? Stir the pot! Force yourselves for one crucial decision. Your happiness is almost always out of your comfort zone. It exists for you to surrender, drink some hot tea, recollect yourself and move on. Yes, this place seems warm, comfortable and so familiar, but you won’t find much new there, unless you take a leap!

  • Increase your outside activity

Your activity level shouldn’t rely on weather. Try to enjoy nature in ever outfit, glossy or matte, orange or yellow, wet or dry. A little getaway to a countryside, a picnic, or just a walk before going to sleep would increase your creativity, detox your mind and body, get you in a place of calmness and serenity, and probably boosts your social skills. Cold weather doesn’t mean sports can wait until the nest summer, as not only strengthens our body, it also gets us cope with anxiety and depression.

  • Get inspired!

Autumn is the best season to be inspired. It is quiet, melodic and serene, so your wardrobe and mood should reflect that. Try to experiment with your style, looking for single girls, get a seasonal new haircut, browse new trends on Pinterest. Start with a new fall-esque wallpaper. It is very important to understand the change of season to get your energy reloaded and rejuvenated. Keep them separate, so you don’t ever miss on a new phase in your life!

  • Be yourself

You think that being yourself is easy because it’s…automatic. But you can’t even imagine how many small things we let happen to us because we are so socially strangled all the time. In reality, you don’t need to deal with other peoples’ BS, just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings? What about you? Your opinions always matter!