this is me. {self portrait series taken for a class through the awesome Define School}

mom of two boys. married to by best friend. lover of life.
portrait and wedding photographer. entrepreneur.
i love writing, creating, reading, being by the ocean, attempting to garden, making (and eating) healthy food,  traveling (and, more often of late, dreaming of traveling…).
finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what i find.

these things make me smile:
herb tea, fresh flowers, sun on my shoulders, yoga, good music, a perfect beach day, a fresh new journal, a fresh new day, coffee, passionate people, vintage cameras, vintage glass bottles, vintage almost anything (as long as it had good taste to begin with), seashells, open fields, avocados, polaroids, my kids…
and so much more. i smile a lot.

i’m on a journey to live pain-free after many years of chronic headaches. i was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s- an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid- in July 2013.

i believe that the human body can heal itself, when given the nutrition to needs to do so.
i seek balance- in my health, my home, my life and career.
this is my journey to finding that balance.

life is beautiful.

thanks for reading!

get in touch via email: hannah at hannahmayophotography dot com


2 Responses to About

  1. Mary-Ellen MacKinnon says:

    I love this blog!!

  2. Faye Boulton says:

    I love the photos & what you are doing. Be true to yourself - you are so blessed.

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