Six Random Facts About Me

First, a new picture:

24 weeks- Seth just keeps growing and growing!

Now, my 6 Facts:
(I was tagged to do this by the lovely Adrienne)
1. I have a very early memory of walking on a dirt or gravel road with my father- I must have been about 2 years old, maybe 3. That is the earliest memory I have.
2. I changed my mind about my major many times in college- I went through pre-veterinary, marine biology, education, graphic design, humanities, dance, cross-cultural studies, biblical studies, and finally, communication studies. I’m interested in everything, which I guess is why I ended up doing library science for grad school.
3. I want to travel, but I have also always wanted to live overseas too. There probably isn’t a single country in the world I wouldn’t want to at least visit someday. When I travel, I prefer to really experience the culture of a place and immerse myself in it.
4. I may very likely have read more books in the last year than I did the entire three years I spent at Palm Beach Atlantic. (Especially since I’ve started my master’s degree.) And I really love to read.
5. I would like to adopt a baby from China someday, maybe when our own children are teenagers. I have wanted to do this since I was about 12.
6. I love music, and have learned at least the basics of piano, tenor & baritone sax, clarinet, trumpet, flute, violin and guitar… but I have never gotten very far with any of them. I wish I was more musically talented then I am, and I really respect people who have mastered an instrument.

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What an amazing day!

This morning Manny and I went to B&N/Starbuck’s for my birthday breakfast, and at 1pm I had a midwife appointment. Everything looked good with the baby, and Connie gave us the information to schedule our ultrasound. I called, and was able to get an appointment for today!! And…..

It’s a boy!!!

Manny and I are so over the moon about little Seth Alexander- it all seems so much more real now that we have seen him and can call him by his name! He wasn’t shy at all, and even yawned and stuck his tongue out for us :) He’s beautiful, and appears to have my nose, hehe. Everything looks perfect and healthy- we are so, so happy. The tech said he is measuring 25 weeks 1 day, instead of 24 weeks, so we will see if Connie wants to officially change my due date or continue going by the original calculations. If it does change I will be due February 9th. We couldn’t get a printed picture, which was a little sad- they don’t have the equipment to print them out at the place we went. We’ll be taking lots of pictures of Seth once he’s here though :)
This evening we went to my favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. Overall, it was a pretty amazing and memorable birthday!

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Baby Likes Music

Today in the car I was playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers pretty loud, and the baby started kicking really hard. I think he or she was dancing in there. Naturally, of course, our kid is going to love to rock out. Last night I had a really vivid dream that the baby was a boy. Manny says he dreamed it was a girl. I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer to find out!

Manny is done with the first phase of his training at work, and now he is actually on the radio dispatching. He loves it.
I just did some engagement portraits for a couple and they came out pretty good. It looks like I might line up a few jobs in December too- I’m pretty excited that it’s picking up a bit, and all from people finding my website online! After the little one comes I’ll just do that and grad school while being a stay at home mom. It’s hard to believe that I’ll only be at the library for a few more months- it’s a little sad but I am of course completely elated that I will have the opportunity to stay at home with the baby.

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Resting today

I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday- they are harmless tightenings of the uterus as it prepares and strengthens itself for labor. They don’t hurt, but they are uncomfortable, and I have also been cramping more than usual so my midwife told me to really take it easy today and drink lots of fluids. Luckily I have today and tomorrow off from work anyway, so I’ll stay home and get a lot done for school while I rest. I do wish I could go out and get a blueberry muffin though- I am definitely craving them… :)

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23 Weeks

This morning we could finally hear the baby’s heartbeat with Manny’s stethoscope- it’s so cool. I am taking antibiotics for a throat infection, and this morning I am finally feeling well enough to function again. Later this week I am going for a glucose tolerance test, and hopefully next week we’ll get our ultrasound and find out if this kid is a boy or a girl!

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Oh well

It seems there will not be a 22 week belly picture. I have been sick for most of the week, and for the last few days have barely gotten out of pajamas- and now in a few days I’ll be 23 weeks anyway so I’ll just post a picture then.
What a horribly miserable time I have been having. I can’t stop coughing, and it hurts my belly every time. There are no cold/cough medicines that are safe for the baby, so I’m just eating cough drops and drinking tea and trying to wait this out.
Sad. I’m going to sleep now…

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21 weeks

I can’t believe how active our little one is! It makes my day every time he or she starts moving :) I’ve been feeling great lately- they say the second trimester is the honeymoon stage of pregnancy, and I’m finding that to be true now.

21 week belly:
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Belly at 20 weeks… I’m halfway through!

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe now…

I’m so excited to be halfway already- it’s going by so fast. I am really, really looking forward to meeting this kid.

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I like…

This Organic cotton bedding set from Cotton Monkey :)

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Because I am pregnant…

- Anything could and probably will make me cry- or I might just cry for no reason

- I care more about what is happening in the world, and who our next president will be

- I want to talk to my mom a lot more

- I am extremely gassy

- I have never loved hearing or seeing a name so much

- I touch my belly and smile

- I smile and nod at other pregnant women and revel in this kinship I have with these strangers

- I have a reason to create a whole new wardrobe

- I think about how I will answer all the important questions this little boy or girl will ask in the future.

- I feel like if it’s possible, I may love my husband just a little bit more now

- I care and think more about the relationships I have with other people

- I find it easier to realize what is most important to me and what I most enjoy doing, and look forward to sharing those things with my son or daughter

- I forget a lot

- I pee a lot

- I feel like it’s more important than ever to learn to live in the moment, be flexible, and not worry so often.

- I want to be a better person

I saw a similar list on another lady’s blog, and she apparently found it somewhere else, but I changed it to say what I was thinking.

part 2:
I have gotten so much more introspective recently- I care so much about so many things, and I have been thinking about what kind of life I want us to have as a family, what kind of childhood I hope this baby will someday look back on.
I have also been thinking a lot about living in the moment. Most people barely see what is going on in the present, much less take time to revel in it, because they are so concerned with the future and worried about everything except what is right in front of them. I get that way a lot, but it is pointless. Worrying is fruitless and unhealthy, and causes a person to miss so much. I realized that if I worry about money, about finishing school and buying a home and about all the little what-if’s having to do with the baby, I could completely miss the joy of just being pregnant. It’s really such a short period of time, and what a cool thing- having a person inside you. I am trying to slow things down, and take time to love all the little kicks and movements. Later it will be every smile and giggle, every conversation and hug. I have to keep learning to focus on what is going on right now, and let everything just happen, because life and all these little things are far too important to miss.
I am already so overwhelmed with love for this kid… it really amazes me.

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