One Month

Just one month, and our everyday reality has shifted completely. In this month, we have become a family of four- it still seems a bit surreal. Nothing feels normal yet, but I’m okay with that. I’m trying to just enjoy this time, live fully, be present, and give myself as much grace as possible on the harder days.

This “little” guy (he’s over 10 pounds already!) is busting out of his newborn-size clothes, and I already hear my heart yelling, “no, stop! don’t grow up quite so fast!” I want to savor every moment and bottle it up. My big boy, too, is changing, growing. As people said he would, he seems so much bigger to me next to his newborn brother. He is getting so mature, and communicates so well. Right before my eyes, he is crossing the line between “toddler” and “little kid”.

There are lots of terrifically challenging days and difficult moments, but I love being their mom more than anything in the world. I know I am incredibly blessed and could not be more thankful.

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