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My Life List

Inspired by Chookooloonks, Mighty Girl, and many others who have made their life lists public, I decided to go ahead and post mine on my blog, and write about each thing as I do it. I started my life list in the back of my journal a few years ago, and I am happy to say I have already done some of the things I wrote. I have recently added a lot to it though, thinking more long-term. I love the idea of having concrete goals that I want to accomplish while on this earth. While writing it I already felt this happy sense of hope and focus.

Without further ado, here is my newly updated “100(+) Things to Do Before I Go” List:
{originally posted 14 August 2010~ 22 years old.}

1. Experience Paris with my husband.

2. Take a photography workshop (with one of my favorite photographers).

3. See the Red Hot Chili Peppers live.

4. Take a wheel pottery class.

5. Have my website and blog custom designed exactly how I want them.

6. Do a photography project with a book as the end result.

7. Do a photography project in Zambia about the girls and women who live there.

8. Learn to ski or snowboard.

9. Get another tattoo.

10. Hang out on a beach in California.

11. Photograph a sunrise and sunset on the same day- both over water.

12. Photograph someone famous.

13. Photograph a vineyard wedding.

14. Visit Thailand. Ride an elephant and eat real pad thai.

15. Visit India. Get my hands hennaed by an authentic mendhi artist.

16. Visit Bali.

17. Tour Italy. Must include Rome, Venice and Florence.

18. Have my own studio/office (not in a corner of the living room…).

19. Become proficient in Spanish.

20. Publish a book (as writer and/or photographer).

21. Photograph my little sister and her (future) family.

22. Wear, and own, only clothes that I really love.

23. Go on a road trip as a family.

24. Decorate my home with beautiful things that I love.

25. Read the Harry Potter series out loud with my kids.

26. Host a fabulous grown-up dinner party.

27. Take my family to Vinalhaven, Maine- still my favorite place in the world.

28. Teach a workshop or class (either online or in person).

29. Take a ballet class again.

30. Have a home that is exactly what we want it to be.

31. Paint a mural on the wall in my son’s room.

32. Rent a gorgeous house on the beach for a week (not in Florida).

33. Do the cover photography for a musician’s album.

34. Be able to afford to send my children to private school.

35. Successfully bake bread from scratch.

36. Have my work published in a major magazine

37. Have a photograph of mine published on the cover of a magazine.

38. Volunteer in the community as a family.

39. Take a family trip doing humanitarian work in another country.

40. Photograph someone’s birth story.

41. Go on a girls-only trip with my mom and sister.

42. Earn my Master’s degree.

43. Ride horseback on a beach.

44. Be part of a protest for something I believe in.

45. See a musical on Broadway.

46. Take a family RV trip across the  U.S.

47. Have clients who love my work enough to pay for me to come to them.

48. Go on a sailing trip.

49. Photograph as many faces as I can in 2011. (Chookooloonks is photographing 1000 as part of her list and she really inspired me).

50. Take a salsa or ballroom dance class with my husband.

51. Learn to scuba dive, and do so somewhere beautiful (with a waterproof camera/casing!).

52. Visit Japan. Eat sushi there.

53. Visit Portland, OR.

54. Visit New York City.

55. Learn to surf.

56. Do the photography for a published cookbook.

57. Renew my vows to my husband with a small ceremony on the beach, and then go on a second honeymoon.

58. Have my work exhibited in an art gallery.

59. Learn how to process film in a darkroom.

60. Be a mentor to someone.

61. Climb another 14er (as they call 14,000ft mountains in Colorado).

62. Run a 5k.

63. Learn to play at least a few songs well on the guitar.

64. Have my photo taken by one of my favorite film photographers.

65. Have our family photographed by a photographer I admire.

66. Have absolutely no debt at all.

67. Attend a big photography conference.

68. Be featured in Artful Blogging magazine.

69. Go on a retreat just for me.

70. Eat creme brulee in Paris.

71. Shoot a catalog for a beautiful clothing line (along the lines of Anthropologie, Free People, Lucky Brand, etc.)

72. Spend a day at a really great flea market, and find wonderful treasures.

73. Have only “real” things in my home as much as possible- minimize plastic, cheaply-made, disposable things, and replace with lasting, quality items that are healthier for us and the earth- made from metal, glass, wood, etc. Choose natural fibers over synthetics. Go for quality over quantity or bargain.

74. Be in a financial position to buy handmade whenever applicable.

75. Learn basic sewing, and make simple home items and clothing.

76. Attend a tradition Jewish ceremony or ritual.

77. Visit Egypt, and see the pyramids and sphinx.

78. Visit Greece. Must include Santorini and Athens.

79. Go backpacking in Europe.

80. Become conversational in French.

81. Help a young girl get an education, who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

82. Make a blueberry pie with berries I pick myself.

83. Do something really awesome for my parents.

84. Visit an ashram.

85. Make a dream come true for my grandmother.

86. Finally find a way to eliminate my migraines, which I have gotten consistently since I was a kid.

87. Read at least 100 of the books I’ve been meaning to read. Keeping track on Goodreads. (total there will be 161 when completed.)

88. Take a cooking class.

89. Bake cookies with my kids.

90. Go on annual family camping trips when our kids are older.

91. Learn to make jam.

92. Try 100 recipes I have never made before.

93. Become so instinctive with photography that I don’t need a light meter.

94. Develop a consistent, distinctive style and artistic voice in my work.

95. Visit at least six continents. (bonus- Antarctica too!) {3 so far: N. America, Europe, Africa}

96. Fill our walls with my photographs and photos of my family.

97. Shoot a portrait session in a field of lavender.

98. Photograph Japanese cherry trees in bloom.

99. Be as busy as I want to be in my work, on a consistent basis.

100. Keep adding to this list. It is just what came to mind now, at 22 years old. I’m sure there are so many more goals to be had in my lifetime!

101. Attend a multi-day music festival and sleep in a tent or RV there.

102. Visit all 50 states. {So far: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado, Louisiana}

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