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Yes I know it’s Wednesday already. How on earth?

On Monday I posted over on The Creative Mama (which has a beautiful new design, by the way!) about a day in my life recently. It’s a series we’re doing over there this month, and I challenged myself to use my “real camera” to document one of our days. It wasn’t easy, but was definitely fun and rewarding. I mentioned in that post that I’ve been too nervous to go much of anywhere with the boys on my own, but I am hoping to change that this week, even if it’s just the park. We get so stir-crazy staying home, and this week Manny works four 12-hour days in a row. Must. Get. Out. I think I keep thinking of the worst case scenario (this usually involves Seth defiantly running away from me while Isaac is screaming and I’m carrying at least two heavy bags…), but I feel like if I keep our first outings simple, plan for the right time of day, and prepare a lot, I can do it.

So, back to last week.

There was Easter, of course. We dyed eggs using food ingredients (I’ll try to write about that soon- even though Easter is over- because it was pretty cool). We went to church that morning with Manny’s parents, and later they hid eggs in their yard for Seth to find. (Yes I did indeed take a picture of camera’s lcd screen. I’m so behind on editing personal photos right now. It’s one of those things I can’t really do one-handed.) Overall, the holiday was simple and family-filled and very nice.

The remainder of the week included a trip to the zoo with some friends, a few artsy ventures (Seth loves to paint, and surprisingly enough it stayed on the easel this time), and lots and lots of baby snuggling for everyone.

Above right: coconut chicken curry in the crockpot. Recipe here. Delish. I’m trying to use the slow cooker more when Manny’s working, because it eliminates a significant amount of stress from my life. Do you have any favorite crockpot recipes I should try?

We went the farmer’s market as a family on Sunday. The local market season is nearly over, and I regret that this was the first one I’d been to since the season started in October. I kept telling myself I’d go, but somehow never did when the weekend came. I’m so glad we finally went, and we’re planning to at least one more time before they’re done. I got some beautiful swiss chard, an avocado and some kiwis- all locally grown. Next time, I’m planning to bring more cash and get all our produce for the week. Everything is so fresh and beautiful!

And more snuggling…

That last one was taken by Manny in his parents’ yard, and I just love it. There is nothing like cuddling with both of my boys. I am so blessed to be their mom, truly.

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