See You in December

When I’m not working I will officially be at home, reading for my classes, from now to the beginning of December. I didn’t realize that grad school was so much more reading intensive than undergrad- for just one of my two classes I have 2-3 books to read each week, plus journal articles and chapters from the textbook, and most weeks I also have some sort of written assignment. And then there’s still my other class. And I’m planning on doing this with a baby at home! :)

In other news, baby is still moving all the time and is apparently the size of a sweet potato.

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Nursery Idea Pictures

I’ve been browsing baby things today… we can’t do a nursery until later because we live in a one bedroom for now, but I love looking at bedding and stuff like that.

From Land of Nod- it comes in pink too but I like this.

I like the fabric and colors in these quilts. From Etsy.

I really like the idea of hanging paper lanterns. I found these at World Market.

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New Developments

I found out a couple weeks ago that I am going to be a mom. I couldn’t believe it. (It’s still pretty surreal, especially since I’m just looking fatter at this point, not pregnant!) But I definitely am- complete with nausea and other “common” symptoms. More than anything I am really excited though- what a cool journey this is going to be for us! I am really looking forward to teaching this little person about the world, and watching him or her discover and grow. I think it is a really amazing privilege to be a parent, and Manny and I are going to approach as just that. We could never impact anyone’s life more than we can the life of this child. It’s a little scary, and very humbling, but also just about the coolest thing in the world. I’m reading all about fetuses and bellies and babies- there is a world of information here that up until now I had only limited interest in… now I feel like my life- and the life of this baby growing inside me- depends on me reading every word and absorbing every bit of information. It’s all very interesting (Ok some of it, frankly, is also kind of gross. But maybe that’s my heightened gag reflex speaking.)
I have never been so tired in my entire life… seriously. That was actually my first clue that something other than killer PMS was at work here. It’s as if someone were slipping Ambien into my water. But that’s only during the day. Because at night I wake up at least 3 times, with all kinds of tossing, turning, and insane dreams in between.
I’ve been to one yoga class since I found out about all this, and I barely made it. My body- especially my legs and feet- seemed extraordinarily heavy and difficult to lift (7am probably also had a lot to with it too!) I had been going 3 or 4 days a week though, and I plan on doing yoga throughout my pregnancy because it has such wonderful benefits for me and the baby. But I’m kind of taking it easy for now- as far as fatigue goes everyone says that the first trimester is the worst.
Signing off for now… maybe to catch a quick nap? No one wants to hear all this complaining anyway. But, tiredness and other ills aside, I really am totally stoked about this kid!

The Test…

Picture taken at 5 weeks… to show where I started from.

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First Yoga Class

Last week I took my first yoga class. I have been practicing at home with books and DVDs for about six months, and lately I have become more serious about my practice. I realized I needed a teacher in order to progress, especially in meditation. I decided I wanted to commit to making yoga a significant part of my life, and I wanted to be part of a community of like-minded people. So I found my studio, and it is perfect for me. Being in a class was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I am looking forward to where this yoga will take me on my spiritual journey.
The style is called Sivananda, and it is very practical and holistic. It incorporates 5 Principles of Yoga, which are Proper Exercise (asanas) Proper Breathing (pranayama), Proper Relaxation (savasana), Proper Diet (yogic vegetarianism), and Positive Thinking (vedanta)/Meditation. It also teaches the Four Paths of Yoga: Jnana Yoga (of Wisdom and Knowledge), Raja Yoga (of Self Control), Bhakti Yoga (of Devotion), and Karma Yoga (of Action).

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super bowl.

Can you believe it? I am not a very big football fan, not really much of a sports fan for that matter, but I let myself get a little into it and wanted the Patriots to win, for the sake of my New England family. I was sure they’d win. But alas, in what they are calling the greatest play in Super Bowl history, the Giants gained the advantage. Boo.
Still, it was a fun day- we watched the game with Manny’s family and celebrated Holly’s 16th birthday and ate far more than is necessary.

We could both have new jobs soon. Manny has applied as a 911 dispatcher with the county and I am waiting to hear about a library associate position with the City of Boca Raton. Keeping our fingers crossed and praying to any benevolent dieties that might come to mind at a given moment….

I’m going to Boston in just over 2 weeks… so exciting! Maybe I’ll see snow!


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…is here. Last year was one of the most amazing yet (graduation, marriage, adulthood), but I am sure that this one will bring many good things. I am so optimistic about the future. This year is about dreams and family- peace and relationships. I don’t believe in making “New Years resolutions”, but I have been hoping anyway to focus more on the people in my life and remember to appreciate what I have, and cultivate it, rather than always trying to bring new things into my life.
Here’s to another year!


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Here we are at the beginning…

I thought about doing this a while ago- making a web so people could always see what we’re up to. So why not now? Hopefully we’ll have a lot of exciting things to report. At the very least you might get some of my random thoughts and musings- maybe even some movie or music reviews.

We have been married three months and both agree that they have been the happiest of our lives. We are young, but determined, and very much in love. What more do we need. These three months have brought already some interesting challenges- we like to think of them as adventures. Life is a crazy adventure in itself, and I for one consider myself so fortunate to have Manny by my side in it.

I have to add something else to this introduction. Most of you who will read this know that I did a school with YWAM in Colorado a couple years ago. A few days ago a guy walked into the base I lived on a shot some of the staff workers. One of them was a friend I went to Europe with. The YWAM base is like a big tight-knit family, and they have lost two members this week. Another is going into surgery today to have a bullet removed from his neck. If you pray, and even if you usually don’t, please do so for my friends in Denver. They are stricken with grief and shock.

I keep wondering, what is happening to this world we live in? What will the future bring?


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