august break, no.12: a recipe

warm beet salad

This recipe came with my organic CSA box recently, and it was so good I just had to share it here.
Beets photograph so beautifully too. Though I really would love to start looking for some different linens and props to style my food photos with.

Warm Beet Salad with Sweet Onion & Cumin

3 beets
2 oz olive oil
1 oz apple cider vinegar (I used brown rice vinegar)
1 small sweet onion
1 tsp ground cumin
fresh parsley, chopped
salt & pepper
crumbled feta or goat cheese (optional)

Cut stems from beets, wash well, rub with oil and bake at 250F one hour or until tender. When cool enough to handle, peel, dice, and set aside.

In a pan over med-high heat, saute onion in 1 oz of the oil until almost brown on the edges. Then add cumin and stir for 30 seconds until fragrant. Add diced beets and toss until warmed.

In a bowl whisk remaining oil and vinegar together. Add warm beet mix and toss to coat. Season to taste with parsley, salt & pepper.

Garnish with crumbled cheese if desired.

warm beet salad


{The August Break is, for me, about not feeling like I have to write here- pictures each day will do (but there are no rules of course, so I can write too if I feel like it!) Basically I am relaxing more in August, and letting summer be summer.
This idea is from the talented Susannah Conway. Click here for more info and a list of participating bloggers.}

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garden progress

Summer has been pretty good to my plants. It’s been a challenge to keep Seth from trying to pull things up, or throw dirt- he’s just at that age right now- so I don’t get out there as often as I’d like. I did away with the cantaloupe plant entirely- It was taking over, wrapping itself around the other plants, and not looking extremely healthy anyway. Lesson learned- I think I’ll reserve the growing of melons for when I have a field of some sort behind my house, rather than a 3×5 foot raised bed… and I will research a plant for buying it on a whim from now on, hehe!

{almost} sunflowers
The sunflower seeds I started are doing well- It looks like I may see some flowers soon. (I hope!)

malabar spinach
malabar spinach
above two: malabar spinach.

red rubin basil
Red rubin basil. Started from seed. It’s doing okay, but is getting eaten a bit by something.

I started this from seed, and it is definitely my most successful gardening venture yet. This plant is huge- over two feet tall {probably should have pruned more in the beginning- I’m learning :)} It flowers like this all the time lately but I trim them off since I quite obviously have enough for now.

potted basil
{Potted basil} This is the product of my first attempt to root something in water. They’re doing really well!

frangipani {plumeria}
I bought this clipping at an art festival last year, and it finally sprouted leaves! I cant wait for the flowers.

It has been so very hot and humid, and there were things I didn’t plant in the spring because I read that they grow better in the fall in Florida- like tomatoes, lettuce and kale. I’m looking forward to starting those later this year!

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{everyday etsy}

Handmade finds for everyday life…

from threadedhope
{I love this one especially because I went to college with Lori of threadedhope!}

I would love one of these for each sink in the house. From Whippoorwheel.

Maybe one of these would even make me like ironing more :) From CityChicCountryMouse.

Reusable snack and sandwich bag from evelynfields.
I have been working on making our kitchen more sustainable and reducing our dependence on plastic and paper.

Love these so! From Monkeys Always Look. I read an interview with the shop owner once that really inspired me, and then the other day, I saw some of her garden markers in Anthropologie!

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the tuesday list

I haven’t forgotten about it, though it’s been a few weeks since I posted one of these…

1. Rain. It’s getting to be a bit much. Seriously.

2. I am flirting with eating vegan again for a while. I started reading The Kind Diet (by Alicia Silverstone) this week- it is basically a vegan diet with elements of macrobiotics and no processed foods. I think I will do a month of it as sort of a detox, and then decide where to go from there. I have not been feeling very well lately and feel I need to cleanse my system. Even after a few days of no meat, very little dairy and sugar, and lots of whole cooked grains, beans and fresh vegetables, I feel a lot better.

3. We met some friends for library storytime this morning, and Seth was so in his element- dancing and clapping and playing the shaker eggs. It is so cool to watch him branch out all on his own, he is really becoming his own amazing little person.

4. We’re part of a group yard sale this coming Saturday, and I really need to get on the ball with sorting and pricing my stuff. We have accumulated quite a bit in the almost three years we’ve been married.

5. I am looking forward to seeing Eclipse with my little sister this weekend.

6. I really wish my Polaroid sx-70 wasn’t broken and likely irreparable. It makes me sad.

7. I want a beach day. Rain, rain, go away…

8. I have so many ideas for my business lately, and really looking forward to getting busier with it. Still, even with very few clients there is always something to do.

9. I need to learn how to bake yummy desserts with no dairy and no white sugar. I am going to try some from The Kind Diet book soon. I have learned in the past that though I can live without refined sugar, I really must have sweet things in my life on a regular basis.

10. I am thinking about a few new regular installments on this blog. “Everyday Etsy” would have beautiful handmade things that are also useful in everyday life, and “Inspiration” would have photography, writing, videos, art, design and anything else that has been inspiring me lately. Probably both on a weekly basis. I am constantly inspired by things I see online, and would love to start sharing more of that here.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and here is a picture I snapped the other day, purely for it’s heart-melting qualities…
handsome little guy

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The Tuesday List, no.2

1. Trolley ride and fountain play with friends this morning.

2. I have re-discovered that I very much dislike food from KFC and will hopefully never again eat their food.

3. Seth is still teething. oh. so. much.

4. We’re having Manny’s grandma and brother over for dinner.

5. I’m making chili and corn on the cob. I haven’t made corn on the cob in ages.

6. I need to make yoga a regular part of my day.

7. Stress is unhealthy. (hence the yoga)

8. I’ve been eating too much junk lately.

9. I’m going on a sugar fast, at least for several days, to make myself stop craving it all the time.

10. When I am well taken care of, I am a better mother and wife.

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why i love the farmer's market.

Three words: Farm. Fresh. Eggs.

Green Market- Farm Fresh Eggs

Beautiful, organically grown local produce. Better for my family, better for the planet, supports local farmers, and less expensive than at the supermarket- it’s a win-win-win-win : )

Green Market bounty

The atmosphere is just so happy- great music, sunshine and community. Love it.

Green Market, live music

Green Market, live music

Seth eating a carrot spelt cookie and dancing to the music, happy as a clam. Happy baby = happy momma.

Seth enjoying the Green Market

Today was the last one of the season for Delray- I’m looking forward to it starting up again in October. In the meantime I will be in search of local food from other sources, and of course trying to grow some of my own!

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Keep Calm and Snap On

The moment I saw these posters from PhotoJojo, I wanted one for my wall. I have always liked the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters, which originated in Britan during WWII and are very popular in the blogosphere (hehe I just used the word blogosphere), but this was a poster I just had to have, because it is exactly the reminder I need on a daily basis.


Photography is how I slow down when my life is chaotic. Being able to keep doing what I love, making art with my camera, keeps me centered.

So here is my copy of the poster, which I finally got a frame for and hung today. And here, friends, is the photo of my workspace that I promised ages ago and never delivered on because I just wasn’t happy with how it looked. It is still a work in progress- I would love a shelf up high above the corkboards for vintage cameras and other pretty things, and I have a few other changes in mind too, but now you can picture where I sit while I write this blog and edit photos.

my workspace
If you click on the picture, I have some notes on it in Flickr.
When taking this picture I realized how little natural light I get in my little corner of the living room. It’s bad. I had to bump my ISO up so high, and overall it just isn’t pretty. I really don’t like artificial lighting, and avoid it when I can. But this was really the most logical place for my desk. I wonder how hard it is to make a window… just cut a hole in the side of the house, right? : )

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"the sun came up!"

One of my closest friends recently posted this as her status on Facebook. It made me smile, and reminded me to be grateful for each day. How amazing is it that the universe has gifted us another day of life?

This morning Seth and I are headed off to the Farmers market for a couple more plants for the garden (tomoatoes!), and then a La Leche League meeting, and then a first borthday party for Seth’s sweet little friend Liam.

So, busy day today! Then on Sunday we’re all driving to Tampa to visit Jackie in the hospital.

Oh I have to tell you about my new pants, from Gaia Conceptions. (The shop is on vacation mode for now, but is usually very well stocked and will be again soon with new designs! You can check out the sold items to get an idea of what is offered.) I got the anoki pant a few days ago, custom made to fit me. They look like this:

Only mine are a lovely spinach green color. They are so comfy and pretty much the perfect summer pants. They’re eco-friendly and handmade, which to me is well worth the extra money (and really they cost the same as from a typical store in the mall anyway- only they are much better quality, more unique, and don’t support big corporations). I am definitely planning on ordering from them in the future- I love so many of their designs. They’re exactly the type of business I hope someday to do commercial photography for- how amazing would that be? They can make maternity clothes too! I have decided that I would rather have fewer clothes that are higher quality and ethically made, than tons of things that will fall apart and get ratty looking too quickly, you know?

Have a wonderful couple of days, friends- if you have good weather where you are, do get out and enjoy it!

xoxo, H

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Another gardening post…

What can I say?- it’s just that time of year, and I am so excited about my garden that I have to share. Yesterday we spent most of the day in the backyard building a planter box.

Here is the picture everyone has been waiting for: me using power tools.

watch out world

It was empowering. And deafening. My neighbors probably hate my guts.

{oh by the way check out my frangipani, in the pot behind me- it has finally sprouted some little leaves! I bought it at an art festival months and months ago and was wondering if it would ever do anything, but it is!}

Seth got in on the action too.


little builder
Literally, in. This was before we put down weed blocker and added dirt.

Little wormy friend:
worm friend

And the finished product:
new planter box
I transplanted my basil, malibar spinach, and cantaloupe plants, and I sowed seeds for red rubin basil, lemon balm, marigolds and sunflowers. I have eggplant, bell pepper and rosemary seeds starting inside that I will transplant when they’re ready.

I am so sore today- but it’s a good sore. I love this kind of work- it makes me feel like I am really connecting with the earth, growing food that I will {hopefully} serve to my family in the coming months and beyond.

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Growing… gardens and children.

Today was supposed to be a big gardening day, building my planter box and getting lots of things started, but the rain caused it to be postponed until tomorrow. Tonight I am closing out my internet browser, and I am not opening it again until Seth goes to bed tomorrow. I feel like I’ve been to attached to this screen lately and I need to reconnect with the physical world and my family. I will only check my business email, but other than that tomorrow is computer-free for me until evening : )

Here is a picture I took of my basil plant (grown from seed by me) the day I got my new camera:

happy, healthy basil
{doesn’t it look happy?}

Speaking of growing, Seth has been doing entirely too much of that. I get misty-eyed if I think it about too much. But really, it’s so wonderful to watch. He is a joyful, sweet boy, so full of life and very smart. He can walk pretty much across a room now; it’s so cute.

i love this kid

the smile that melts my heart

swing, swing

he thought it was a dandelion :)
{blowing on a flower because he remembered about dandelions : ) }

little world-changer

i don't doubt it
{I love this shirt.}
oh, I don’t doubt it, my love-
you’ve certainly changed my world.

this is just the best

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