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Renee & Jeremy {Kids Music}

We love music around here. For the most part, we haven’t sought out albums that are specifically for kids. Seth has always listened to the things we like- from my soulful indie tunes to my husband’s electronic instrumentals. When he was a baby there was a period of time when the only way I could get him to sleep at night was to wear him in the Ergo while playing “his”, which consisted of Bob Marley, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, and finished off with his favorite: Hey Oh by the Chili Peppers. I’ve played a few kid-specific things for him, like some Raffi faves from my own childhood (Baby Beluga, anyone?) and Jack Johnson’s kid album. But usually he enjoys our “grown-up” tunes.

One day, though, I heard a sample of kids music by Renee and Jeremy, and I loved what I heard. I ended up purchasing both of their albums- C’Mon, which is full of upbeat dance-worthy tunes, and It’s a Big World, which is softer and lullaby-esque. We have enjoyed these two so, so much around here. They are not the least bit annoying like some kids music could be. I actually very much enjoy listening to the sweet tunes and beautiful harmony of their voices. I don’t mind getting these sings stuck in my head for the rest of the day : ) And Seth adores them- they are perfect for impromptu living room dance parties and chilling out on long car rides. The lyrics are so great, too- full of really positive messages about things like love and sharing.

They just came out with a brand new album, A Little Love, which I happily added to our collection. It features Renee & Jeremy-style covers of songs by Coldplay, REM, Supertramp, John Lennon, and Yael Naim. It’s really fun.

This is Seth and I dancing to C’Mon, the day before I went into labor with Isaac at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I think I was trying to dance the baby out- maybe it worked?!

{I just wanted to share this find with you. I am in no way affiliated with Renee & Jeremy, though I’d bet that they’re a couple of really cool people.}

You can listen to samples of- and purchase- their music on their website. They also have some fun little music videos.

This Was the Week {no.5}

I changed the name of these posts from “This Week via Instagram”, to “This Was the Week”, just in case I end up feeling limited to only Instagram photos. Maybe I’ll share other photos and fun finds, etc. as well. Anyway… this was the week…

The first half looked pretty much like this:

So we cuddled at home a lot, sometimes getting a bit cabin-feverish.

We made yummy snacks- like smoothies, healthy cookies, and kettle corn.
The smoothie above is a recipe posted by my friend Bree. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana. : ) It’s been a big hit around here.
Seth has been so eager to help me in the kitchen, and I’m finding that if he helps make something he’s a lot more likely to try it. (Usually he is a pretty picky eater but we’re working on it.)

One day we went to a park near the beach.
It was really windy and we got rained out, but just seeing the ocean briefly was exactly what I needed to get through that day.

And of course, the days are pretty much ruled by the littlest member of the family.
Sometimes I think I can hardly stand the cuteness- it’s overwhelming.

A few other things of note this week…

Simple Living Media has a great new blog, Simple Design, which I love already. Tomorrow they’re starting a “show us your thrift haul” linkup, which I think is an excellent excuse to browse a few thrift shops very soon.

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons by Tabitha Studer. I found this on Pinterest,  and I know I’ll be going back to it again and again.

Homemade Spring Cleaning Products on Design Sponge

On my mind:

Outdoor activities for Seth in our backyard- thinking about ways to create a better outdoor play space.

How to keep Seth from hurting the baby without saying “no” every three seconds. He has so much 3-year-old boy energy, which can quickly get out of hand.

I’m hoping to finally find time to start going through our closets, drawers, etc. and simplifying our lives. Too much stuff is toxic. I’m slowly making my way through Organized Simplicity, which is really helpful and definitely inspiring for a simpler existence.

What have you been doing and enjoying this week?
I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Friday Links: Rue & music

Have you seen Rue? This lovely online magazine overflows with style and visual amazingness (oh yes that’s a word in my world). The design. The writing. The photography. The layout (full screen. no paper wasted because it’s an online mag. and you like what you see? click on it.)

Go. Grab a mug of your favorite warm beverage. Immerse yourself. Be inspired.

You’re welcome.
{and happy Friday}

I also wanted to share with some music that has been soothing my soul this week.
Ingrid Michaelson
A Fine Frenzy
Mumford & Sons
The Pandora stations generated by these artists are just awesome. They are the soundtrack of my life right now.

p.s.- it’s time for 52 on Fridays again, and this week is warmth.

Hopefully by next week I can link you to my new website- I got the design part done and then during the installation everything went wacky and my whole site has been down for a few days, which is driving a me a little crazy. I’m excited to unveil the new look- hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Some Sunday Links

I know my “links” posts haven’t been totally regular, but I have a bunch of things from around the web that I wanted to share this weekend. I guess it was just a good week in cyberspace :)

In food:
Chocolate Peanut spread from Smitten Kitchen {big nutella fan here, so I’m all over this idea}
and these yummy looking Peanut Snack bars from The Little Red House
lovely food photography and recipes on Honey and Jam

In photography:
a discussion about film on Shutter Sisters
and speaking of film- Jonathan Canlas talked on Formspring about the awesome benefits of the new Kodak Portra 400 {which I can’t wait to try}
a gorgeous Maui wedding shot by Jose Villa, on Style Me Pretty- Part I and Part II {and just to tie it all together, Jose shoots film too, and happens to be one of my all-time favorite photographers}

In design:
this post on office style, on The Pretty Blog, makes me want to redesign my home office space
and I have been loving all the inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and it is keeping me from cluttering my bookmarks folder, which I like

In life:
my friend Angie talked about stepping back from the time-suck that is the Internet
and Deb Schwedhelm shared why you shouldn’t check your email first thing in the morning {original article by Sid Savara}
on The Creative Mama, Tiffany Larson shared her green goals for the year

And a photo of Seth from a few days ago- it makes my heart so happy that he enjoys art already…

Today I'm dreaming of…

A simpler existence.
One without complicated grown-up problems that I feel like I just can’t solve.

I’m dreaming of walking on the beach with my family, of taking time to shoot just for me, of reading books again, of just slowing down and focusing on what is most important to me, and letting everything negative just melt away, at least for a while.

I’ve been daydreaming lately about the perfect outdoor space. I picture a long wooden table to fill with friends and family, and strings of lights hanging. Mixmatched vintage chairs. A hammock, a play area for Seth, and a little herb garden. I love our little yard- and am so thankful to finally have a yard- but I do look forward to one that’s big enough to do a little bit more in.

I’m inspired by images like this:

via Style Files

via Little Lovely

via Dress Design Decor

via Apartment Therapy

Decking the Halls {Part III- Giving}

I always stress a little bit over gifts for the holidays. I want each gift I give to be meaningful and thoughtful. If it’s not, I would rather not give anything at all. I rarely go to the mall for holiday gifts- if I can’t make something myself, then I look to Etsy or other unique shops. I look for handmade and/or earth-friendly gifts that will be useful to the recipient, and also within our budget. Kind of a tall order sometimes.

Without being too very specific about the exact things I’m making and giving this year {I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises!}, I wanted to share some ideas I am loving right now.

To Make

I am always inspired to break out the hooks and yarn at this time of year. I love to crochet gifts for people, and I always wish I had more time to do it.

I also love making beaded jewelry for the special ladies on my list.

Photo gifts are a great option that are personal and meaningful. Creating small scrapbooks and albums by hand, framing special images, or using websites like Shutterfly to create books, calendars and other merchandise are all great ideas.

Baked goods are another great handmade gift. I love to bake, and this year I am planning on trying my hand at a few new things. I love the idea of using healthier options like whole wheat flour, non-refined sweeteners, and organic ingredients. I’ll be posting about my baking adventures, with photos and recipes, soon!

To Buy

Here are just a few of my favorite gift ideas from Etsy right now….

for the photographer

Vintage Camera coffee bowls by AceroStudio

Plum paisley camera strap from emfalconbridge
{I have one of these straps and just adore it!}

Leather memory card holder from PorteenGear


for the guys

World Peace t-shirt by rctees

Personalized silver guitar pick from andreaevansdesign

Recycled leather wallet from nicaeli


for the ladies

Felted merino slippers from ing00te

Unlock Your Dreams necklace from bellawish

Long wanderer skirt from GaiaConceptions


for the little ones

Natural wooden toy camera from littlesaplingtoys

Sign language “I Love You” teether from littlesaplingtoys

Fabric alphabet book from pilosale

Short sleeve toddler tee from makristababy


for the home

Colorful felted pebbles from reyaveltman

Whales eco-friendly throw pillow from zenthreads

{shameless plug here :)}
2011 photo calendar from my shop- hmphoto


for the pet lover

Hemp dog collars from TheModernPet

Custom dog tag from TheCopperPoppy
{these are so nice- we have one for Zeus}


I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for gifts this year!
Now I’m going to get busy making things!

Friday Links

Some great things from around the web, for your weekend enjoyment…

The Girl Effect. I’ve seen their website before, but this time it brought tears to my eyes for some reason. I suppose I’m a little more emotional than usual lately, but seriously- it makes so much sense and makes me want to take action. Found (again) on Kind Over Matter.

You’re Already Perfect, on Zen Habits.

Space Out, on Simple Mom.

A series of wonderful book suggestions for kids on Peonies and Polaroids, guest-posted by Amanda of First Milk. Books for the tiniest littles, regular littles, and slightly bigger ones. I’m saving these to go back to as Seth grows!

Last but not least, I have found my new favorite wedding magazine, Southern Weddings, and they just came out with their new issue this week. The photographs dazzle and inspire me. Love it.


And a link of my own… today I announced my first annual Holiday Mini Photo Session event. So if you’re local and want some lovely photo cards (I’m so excited about the designs I’ll have available!) and pictures for gifts at a special value, please check it out!


This week felt odd to me- I’m not sure why. I have a longer-than-life to-do list that seems to keep growing even as I cross things off it. As far as work goes, this week was all planning and finances and learning and location scouting and email answering, and very little actual shooting. I feel a little off if I’m not shooting enough.

Trying to balance career and mothering has been particularly challenging this week. I am making changes to the way I manage my time, out of necessity. I think I’ll be writing more on this soon.

My home is a mess. It really would be quite embarrassing, if anyone were to drop in. Unfortunately it is very often the thing that falls through the cracks in the midst of the rest of my life. I’m not too upset about it though. Becoming Supermom isn’t on my life list… :)

I think the one thing that really kept me sane this week was going out for sushi and to Barnes and Noble with my friend Victoria on Monday, without our kids. It is amazing how rejuvenating time away can be. I am making that a goal for the coming week- some time alone, and some alone with Manny. It really makes me a much more patient mommy.

Have a lovely weekend friends!

Friday Links: Yoga Edition

I started practicing yoga regularly a couple years ago, and have gone through seasons of commitment to it, and seasons where it’s been tough to get onto the mat. A few months ago I found out about Marianne Elliot and her 30 Days of Yoga e-courses, and I signed up for the August course. August turned out to be a pretty crazy month, with Seth getting sick and cutting teeth, and then I got sick, so I didn’t practice as often as I’d hoped, and yet I am still so thankful I took the course. I learned a lot from Marianne about yoga, and about not beating yourself up about what you don’t do, but just starting fresh each day.

Now Marianne is offering a very special version of the course, starting October 7th. It is 30 Days of Yoga- Karma Edition, and each participant is asked to pay as much as he or she can. All of the money is going to projects to support people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Read more about the projects being supported here.

I am taking the course again, and looking forward to being able to devote more time to practicing than I did last time. When I am practicing yoga, I have more energy, get fewer headaches, and feel much less stressed and more centered. I love the videos from Marianne, and the wisdom she provided throughout the course. Whether you’ve been doing yoga for years and want to deepen your practice, or have never really tried it at all, I highly recommend this course, and there couldn’t be a better time since it will also help people who really need it!

Click here to read the 30 Days of Yoga FAQ’s, and here to sign up!

And since Fridays are for links around here, these are a few of my favorite yoga-related links from around the web:

Yoga Journal- full of information and wisdom on many topics.

For clothing: Gaia Conceptions (I love this shop for everyday clothes too!), Prana, Be Present, Athleta

Earth-conscious mats & other accessories: Manduka



Photos are from a sunrise shoot I did with local yoga instructor and massage therapist Amanda Waisfitz.

And it's Friday

Remember how slow time seemed to go when we were children? I feel like the older I get, the faster the weeks, months and years go by. So, it is Friday once again.

One of the lovely blogs I read, Abby Try Again, always does “Five Senses Friday”, and I thought at least this week, I’d join in. Maybe it will become a regular thing around here. I think it gives a very nice sensory overview of the week.

Feeling: Warm sun on my skin. How much longer will we be in tank tops and shorts? Well okay it is Florida, so probably a couple more months :)

Tasting: Sweet fresh fruit, including that which will come in my CSA box later today.

Smelling: Patchouli and Sweet Orange aromatherapy mist (from Aura Cacia)

Hearing: Andrew Bird Pandora station.

Seeing: Beautiful sunsets lately, just stunning. And orchids in bloom at my mother-in-law’s house, like the one above. I adore orchids- they were one of our wedding flowers.

And some Friday links, of course:

I love the idea of a “Year of Gratitude” project, as posted by Stacey Woods on The Creative Mama. I am going to bring this idea into the remainder of my own 365 project, and I think that for 2011, I will specifically do a gratitude project using my iPhone and sometimes words as well.

A fun post of bikes and bike accessories on Design Sponge. I would love a vintage-style bike, with a seat in back for Seth.

A new film from Kodak, as tested and compared by the Wright Brothers on Twin Lens life. I will definitely be trying this. Right now I am working on a roll of the older Portra in my Pentax.

I am so excited to be attending Earthdance tomorrow. It’s a global festival of peace, and it’s happening at over 200 locations in 50 countries. So cool.

I am always mesmerized by the images on Helt Enkelt, even though I can’t understand the words.

I love these beautiful wedding invitations on Oh, Hello Friend.

This adorable video by Sheena of The Little Red House, taken on her family’s seaside vacation. It is so timelessly sweet.

Kelly Rae Roberts’ beautiful maternity photos by Tracey Clark, and her reflections on being photographed.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend my friends.


Friday Links

Some things I’ve been loving lately…


{source unknown, found via Maine Momma}

The lovely Angie Warren speaks her heart on photography and authenticity.

I loved this post on Scoutie Girl about sometimes needing to take a bit of a break from creativity.

Also on Scoutie Girl- change the world with your money.

This beautiful lifestyle shoot by photographer Ulrica Wihlborg, on sfgirlbybay. and more here.

I love this beautiful post by Danielle LaPorte on White Hot Truth.

In the face some disgustingly ignorant people planning to burn the Koran (I won;t even link to the story because I know you’ve heard it by now), fellow blogger Chookooloonks had this awesome idea. And here is the latest post on the project. It is so cool to see someone respond to such an enraging and horrible thing with peace and positive action.

I found The Drifter and the Gypsy through her guest post this morning on Gypsy Girl’s Guide. She’s 16, and takes beautiful photos and has a lovely inspiration blog. {I started blogging at 16, but wasn’t nearly as good at it :-P}

I want to try this: handmade recycled scrap paper notebooks (on Design Sponge). I think they’d make wonderful holiday gifts. I’ll be on the lookout for interesting vintage papers for the covers now!

I made these delicious gingersnap cookies posted on Life is a Canvas a few days ago and have been eating for too many of them : )

And this song by Andrew Bird, via Sacred Lotus.

Have a lovely weekend friends!