Being A Young Mother: Common Ground Between Family Life And Career

With your first child being born, your average life becomes a different world of balancing between motherhood and other important spheres. It could turn into a tough challenge pretty soon. It’s a constant lack of time to dedicate to yourself (heck, it’s a constant lack of time to consume food or go to pee), it’s never-ending stress and sleepless nights. These things take their toll and brave young mothers seek for solution.

But, as every truly good thing in the Universe, motherhood doesn’t always require fatal sacrifices. You don’t really need to abandon your hobbies, or your skincare. Motherhood is not a duty, it’s one of the stages that can allow you grow personally and be better at everything. And here are some tips that can help you combine successful life and caring for a baby!

  • Goals and achievements

First of all, you need to understand that there is no perfect balance between your beloved child and your beloved work. You can’t be 100% successful at a job and fully dedicate yourself to your family. But if you think about that, when are we absolutely successful? There is no such thing as acing your job and having a romantic relationship, second job, pet to care about. It’s absolutely normal to be tired at work if you have extra things to do and extra people to care about at home. Just take care of yourself first. Don’t try to push your limits, just make sure you feel comfortable and productive at your job, your child gets proper care and you have more time for yourself. Not every day has to feel the same, you can let yourself take a nap, reevaluate your life goals and plan your days at a lighter pace when the kid is little.

  • Concentrate your attention

Young mothers have a tendency to take so many responsibilities, they have to juggle between work and home obligations. Sometimes it’s stressful to check your emails with a baby on your lap, cooking dinner and listening to the sounds of laundry getting done. You may understand that trying to pursue four goals at a time won’t make a single one effective. The child will start crying because of your distraction, customers will be pissed for not being answered (because now you are being distracted by your child), the dinner will get burned and you will have no time to take out laundry from the washing machine. How to tackle it? Do one task at a time. If you are in a working zone, your kid can stay with baby daddy/your mother/your friend/your sister. Home work can also be delegated to your closest relatives. They will always understand, and you won’t suffer from different spheres of life crumbling down.

  • Thank yourself for all the accomplishments

If you have the time to be a good mother, you don’t need to be nagging on yourself. Don’t give yourself harsh criticism. Sadness from being mad at yourself will reflect on the child and your relatives, but, most importantly will give you less chances to get through the day without a mental breakdown. Just take a moment to get a deep breath and thank God that everyone is safe, healthy and your kid will soon grow up to bring you loads of love and appreciation for you being such a good mother!

Source: single women site