A Glimpse.

I’m woken early. Too early, considering I stayed up late working the night before. Begrudgingly I stumble out of bed as Seth begs for cartoon and a banana. I will my mind and body to awaken. I take care of my son and start my coffee, doing a few stretches as it brews, trying to bring some energy into muscles that would rather still be in bed.

By the time I’ve finished half my cup, the caffeine has begun to have its effect on my mind. The gears are turning now, and I jot down ideas as they come- for business, photography, writing, my to-do list and grocery list, and other random ideas. The thoughts are uncategorized in my mind and just want to be expressed. They push like people rushing to get out the small entry of a building- they’re limited only by how fast my hand can write. I’ll come back to this later, but for now I finish the last sip of coffee and move on.

After Seth and are fed and dressed, we head outside to dig and plant and water, until the Florida sun drives us indoors once again.
I love nurturing seedlings, planning the space, watching life come from tiny seeds, and most of all sharing it with my son. I pinch a basil leaf and hold it for him to smell, and he enthusiastically says “mmmm!” and laughs. His amazement at every new thing is precious and contagious. I can’t help but marvel at the smallest things and be thankful.

Life is truly beautiful.

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