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October 28, 2010
by Hannah

{Shot with my Asahi Pentax Spotmatic and Kodak Portra 160nc film.}

Today I am 23. It seems, to me, so young and so old all at once.
Young because I am, as it seems I always have been, young to be where I am in life- a mother, wife, and business owner.
Old because I remember feeling not too long ago that my twenties were so far away, and thinking that when they arrived I would feel much more sophisticated and adult that I do. But that it always the case, right? We don’t actually change as much over time as we expect to.

So I’ve written a couple lists- one of looking back, and one of looking forward.

23 Things I’ve Experienced in 23 Years…
{in no particular order}

1. Fell in love and married my best friend.
2. Pregnancy
3. Became a mother
4. Travel: 15 U.S. states and 8 different countries {thus far}
5. Jumped from the top of a waterfall
6. Gone spelunking (caving)
7. Climbed a 14er in Colorado
8. Slept in a tent in the African bush
9. Victoria Falls, Zambia
10. Owned two cars (and paid off!)
11. Bought a house
12. Graduated from college (twice!)
13. Started grad school
14. Quit grad school because I wasn’t passionate about my area of study
15. Became an entrepreneur
16. Became a wedding photographer
17. Fell in love with my husband all over again (many times)
18. Learned to crochet and knit
19. Saw my work in print
20. Read a lot. Wrote a lot.
21. Made mistakes (lots)
22. Chosen the better path despite it being more difficult
23. Learned to finally embrace who I really am

24 Before 24…
1. Have a balanced and successful business
2. Go on a weekend getaway alone with my husband
3. Take a family vacation somewhere cool
4. Make cardio exercise and yoga regular parts of my schedule again
5. Take more pictures of the people I love
6. Be a better friend
7. Be more selfless and generous
8. Grow technically and artistically as a photographer
9. Make Seth’s birthday cake from scratch
10. Get published
11. Travel to shoot a wedding
12. Learn to make good sandwich bread from scratch
13. Bring Seth to the beach more often
14. Paint a mural on the wall of Seth’s room
15. Finally get Seth’s room all set up
16. Create a nice outdoor living area in our back yard
17. Have friends over for dinner more often
18. Have more date nights with Manny
19. Journal more consistently, on paper, just for me
20. Take a dance class again
21. Learn more Spanish and work on it with Seth too
22. Read some of the books I’ve been meaning to get to
23. Start over with my garden and maintain it this time
24. Use up some of my yarn stash with some fun crochet projects

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  1. Laura permalink
    October 28, 2010 11:07 am

    I just thought I would say how encouraging your posts are. Keep up the good work! Today I turn 25! Happy Birthday to you too! xo

  2. Mary Stucchi permalink
    November 1, 2010 7:31 pm

    I like you, Hannah. I was just thinking the other day how we should be friends … Now if I can only stay on facebook long enough to rummage through old messages and dig up your number …

  3. Christina permalink
    November 5, 2010 7:03 pm

    An impressive list for 23! May 24 be filled with joy :)

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