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The Tuesday List

May 4, 2010
tags: Seth, tuesday list
by Hannah

So many blogs I read have theme days. Often they are really clever and I enjoy them. There’s Wordless Wednesday, Five Senses Friday and so on. In the last five minutes I have decided that here on Seeking Equipoise, Tuesdays will now be accompanied by a list of some sort. I think this stems from the facts that a.) I couldn’t figure out what to put for a title on this post, b.) My thinking this morning is sort of random and disconnected, and c.) I just like lists : )

So without further ado… today’s list will have no particular theme. Enjoy!

1. I never thought of myself as the gardening type, but I suddenly had a desire to grow some of our own food, and now I love my garden! So does Seth:

little gardener

2. Business has been a bit slow, and I really can’t wait to have more jobs. I am finding that it’s not just about the money, I just really want new people to shoot. A newborn would be especially fun. Or a sweet little girl- I haven’t done a girl session in so long!

3. If you were to come over to my house right now I would be embarrassed to let you. It’s a mess. It gets that way so much faster now that I have a mobile child.

4. Part of the reason for number 3 is that we have too much stuff. I am going to be purging our home of clutter this week and simplifying a bit. Simplicity has been a theme in my life lately.

5. I frequently have the desire to just pack up the family and go live a different adventure- overseas, or RVing across the country, or even just living somewhere else. I’ve always had that wonderlust, my entire life. But I have to remind myself that this is an adventure too, if I allow it to be. This is where we belong, and we’re not going anywhere. I just have to maximize the “exciting” factor in our daily lives right here. Totally possible.

6. Speaking of adventures, I have less than a week left with my “normal hair” and I am nervous and excited. The waiting has given me some time to evaluate my motives, and I feel that I am getting dreads for the right reasons, and I am confident that I will love them. I do wonder, though, if people will treat me differently because of them. Should be interesting. I have also had a chance to notice that you rarely see people with them around here.

7. At the library last week, I randomly grabbed a kids CD off the shelf- Alphabutt by Kimya Dawson. It’s so irreverent and funny- I had no idea, I just thought her name sounded slightly familiar. One of the songs has this line that I keep playing back in my head…

“Write and write and keep on writing, just make sure you life’s exciting.”

Heck yes. I love it. I need to write more.

8. I haven’t read a novel in so long. I miss it.

9. We need to get outside today. hmm, maybe the zoo…

10. Life is beautiful.

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