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Happy Valentine’s Day, and some adorableness

February 13, 2010
by Hannah

I took a couple videos of Seth practicing his standing skills tonight. video 1 video 2 Isn’t he just a riot? I keep thinking he’s going to try to take a step but he just falls forward into me or plops on the ground. When I showed him these videos he started yelling at himself and laughing- it was so funny!

And here is the very last of the “month” stickers- I’ll have to post all 12 pictures together sometime. He just would not look at the camera today but I was already late taking this one so I went with it.
one year old

I did a special Valentine’s craft project today for Manny, but I’ll have to post it tomorrow so I don’t spoil the surprise!

We bought a new desk for me a couple days ago at Pier 1, and I officially have my own space in a corner of our living room now. I need to get some shelves for the wall and some sort of pretty desktop organization system, but when it’s all done I will definitely post a picture. I needed somewhere to work on projects and Manny needed a place to set up his laptop when he’s at home, so we decided two desks was the way to go, and I am loving it. I have my own little corner that is mine, and I’m finding that I am more inspired to be creative now that I have a place for it.

Seth loves being outside- today he explored our back yard. I can let him go back there now that he’s older and won’t just try to eat the grass pebbles dirt anything and everything he sees. He didn’t want to come inside but it was a little chilly. Again with the theme of not looking at me… such a busy kid.


busy boy

I feel silly but I am kind of excited about Valentine’s day. I love an opportunity to celebrate love! Besides my little craft project, I am making another (edible) treat in the morning while Manny sleeps (he’s on shift now). After he wakes up we are going to the grand opening of the new location of my friend Lisa’s business, a place called the Red Tent. Lisa is awesome and I love the Red Tent- it offers holistic wellness for women, including massage, yoga classes, and a community of wise women. If you are anywhere nearby you should check it out.
Also in downtown Delray tomorrow is the Garlic Festival. Yes garlic. I’ve never been, but hey- I do like garlic. I’m sure it will be fun and probably tasty!

So a busy day ahead for me and the family. Have a love-filled day tomorrow.


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