I have been contemplating vision- how it is formed and how it changes over time. The above quote was pinned on Pinterest by my friend Angie, and when I read it, something resonated in me.

Our vision does not come from the outward things that inspire us- it is ours alone. Completely unique. I think there is a strong tendency in photography to try to mirror other peoples’ visions. But my journey is leading me in such a different direction, and I feel there is so much truth in these words. The more I look within myself and the less I look at what others are doing, the more “awakened” I feel. My vision and my path are stronger and better defined. I have a solid idea of where my business is headed and what my unique voice is as an artist.

This is not only about business and art. Your life vision is yours alone. What defines you, truly, is not external. When you begin to know your true self and examine the real, internal you… you come alive. Your heart will affect the external aspects of your life if you allow it, and you will become more yourself than you have ever been.

This is the journey I am on. It involves risk and difficult self-acceptance and learning what is truly important and not caring what other people think. It is about freedom and love and raw authenticity that changes everything. I want to live awake, not only dreaming.

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Some Thoughts on Vision

I have been thinking so much about vision, and what it is to find it, and honor it. I’ve been contemplating how I would define my own vision, and have decided that while it is a constantly evolving thing, there are some basic principles that are the backbone. I am not only talking about an entrepreneurial or artistic vision, but also a vision of manner in which I want to live my life.

{taken with my iPhone at the beach a few days ago…}

As far as guiding principles go, love is at the very top for me. I know it might sound sappy and hopelessly cliche, but allow me to explain.
The relationships in my life define me more than anything else. Family, and the friends who are like family, are gifts to be treasured, cared for, and invested in. Love- for people, for self, for the earth- I want that to always be the highest priority in my life. I allow it to guide me in every area and shape my vision. It applies to my art and business because I am essentially always capturing love- in families and couples- without it I would not be doing what I do. The relationships I build in the running of my business are the true backbone of it. My clients are never just customers- I consider them friends as well.

Beauty is an aspect of my vision that is deeply intertwined with love. Not only physical beauty, and certainly not beauty according to the conventional societal definition. I am talking about deep, pure beauty. Love is beauty. Truth is beauty. I seek to capture beauty and share it. It is the essence of what I do. I seek to share beauty with the world, through what I do and how I live.
I recently received an email from a kind person who came across my website. He shared a quote from Dostoyevsky, “Beauty will save the world” and so graciously told me that I am contributing to that. It made my heart so happy, because that is what I hope to do. I believe so deeply in this, that beauty is powerful. I believe that if people experience true beauty (and love), they can no longer hate and destroy. If you have seen the beauty in humanity, you cannot hurt and kill. If you have seen the beauty of the natural world, you cannot destroy it. Even if I only influence a few people in this way, I believe that it is worth it.

My vision is also about authenticity. I feel far away from it at times, but to live authentically is one of my goals. Consistency, purpose, and depth. It is a difficult quality for me put into words, actually, but I know authenticity when I see it. People who possess it are the ones I am most drawn to. They are the same always, everywhere. They care not what other people think, and nonetheless are sensitive to the feelings of others. They are real.
This applies to my work in that I believe that the most authentic images are the ones that express something genuine about the subject or about life. That is what I seek to do.

I think that everything else I value can be wrapped up in these three things: love, beauty, and authenticity.
Passion, hard work, truth, peace, perseverance, intentionality, and pure happiness, are all wrapped up in these things. These are the elements of my vision for life. My career vision is basically the same, because what I do is just an extension of who I am.


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