An Ode to the Mamas

You are superwoman.

Trust me I know it doesn’t always feel that way.

But listen…

You are a warrior without even trying.

You accomplish in one day what some people can’t get done in a week.

You incubated and birthed a human. {If not in your body, then certainly in your heart.}

^That alone attests to your awesome power.

You switch effortlessly between a plethora of contrasting roles.

businesswoman, home manager, accountant, master scheduler, cook and personal shopper…

and in the next minute- nurse, teacher, kisser of booboos and changer of diapers, comforter if all hurts

and let’s not forget, you are also wife, soulful wanderer, full of dreams and prayers- a woman.

You are amazing.

You are breathtakingly beautiful.

You are strong

and the essence of grace and courage.

You do early mornings and late nights.

Your uniform ranges from heels and drop-em-dead dress

to jeans and yoga pants

and you look stunning and at-home in both.

Every day you shape the future of our world

and love in a pure and unconditional way

that is beyond normal human capacity.

You are truly incredible.

{Don’t forget it.}

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  1. you actually have comforted me with your words Hannah, as right this minute I am having one of my most difficult times in 18 years of being a parent. Believe me, the transition from child into adult is the hardest of all, and a time to constantly reproach yourself; could I have done things better, is it all my fault, if only I had………..I don’t feel remotely incredible, but I do know that my unconditional love and courage will get us through.

  2. You are incredible too! You have just lifted my soul, my soul that has felt wilted and somewhat trapped in this roll as a mother… I know all these things that you wrote down in this post, but sometimes it is so hard to remember when you feel very low on energy. Thank you Hannah, for sharing your kindness and beauty… it truly it home and truly helped. You are wonderful and congrats on baby #2 :) it sure is a fun ride – xxoo Erin

  3. Wow Hannah! First let me say a huge thank you to my friend Erin for sending your beautiful message my way. What a beautiful post from you today. I too am amoung the ranks of dedicated Mother and appreciate what you and Erin & Suzie have shared. Can’t think of anything more wonderful than this, however there are certainly those days when passing this post of yours between us is just what one needs to “pump you til your pink”.
    Thank you for sharing your blog and creativity. I look forward to following your posts.
    Many blessings to you and your family :)

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